Russian diplomat: Countries deploying NATO bases are playing with fire

TDCC Note – Saber rattling on both sides of this situation is intensifying. Why the U.S., from a weakened position due to eleven years of endless war in the Middle East, would continually poke a bear in the eye is beyond my grasp. These warmongers at the Pentagon, Langley and within the Obomba administration have been pushing for a year to start a war with Russia. Russia, began with shrugging it off as just another bully flexing its muscles. The past few months that has changed and Russia is now beginning to a real stance against these threats, these wild jabs from a drunken redneck could in fact find a target and make contact. Russia seems to be preparing for that moment. The only question that I have at this point, when will China officially side with Russia? When that announcement is made we will have reached the next level or there will already be love bombs flying. Victoria Nuland and her ilk should be proud of the fine work that has been done in Ukraine. from Countries seeking to deploy NATO’s contingents or weapons on their territories are playing with fire and endanger their own security, Russia’s Permanent Representative at NATO Alexander Grushko said on Friday. He said politicians permitting or even asking to deploy foreign troops on the territories of their countries should be aware that they were putting their countries at risk. “It should be no secret for our Western partners that any attempts to deploy any weapons potentially dangerous for Russia are like playing with fire. It is to the prejudice of their own security when their own states become a kind of front line, virtual so far,” he said. “I have an impression that some states simply like to call themselves frontline countries in a bid to be granted some political and economic dividends as the most important partners,” Grushko said. “It is a dead-end track. Serious people understand that Russia has no aggressive plans and cannot have such plans.” NATO used Ukrainian crisis to emerge from political non-existence According to Grushko, NATO has used the conflict in Ukraine in a bid to justify its existence. “NATO has been losing the reason for its existence in the new security conditions when it has no big enemy,” he said in an interview with Rossiya-24 television channel. “Developments in Ukraine were used to save NATO from a perspective of political non-existence and place in back in the centre of the European trans-Atlantic agenda.” “This way, the United States is seeking to line up its allies. It is another method used to united Europe around the United States,” he noted. In his words, “projection of force” on Russia and eastern borders was fraught with a “collapse of all concepts about the construction of a joint security system based on cooperation but not confrontation.” “Today we, I mean the entire Euro-Atlantic community, are in a position when risks of returning to the Cold War schemes are running high and there are no signs so far that NATO might change this course,” Grushko noted.

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