Gold to Rise, Dow to Fall & Reverse QE – Nicholas Green of FMT Advisory

Gold to Rise, Dow to Fall & Reverse QE – Nicholas Green of FMT Advisory from Future Money Trends

The man who predicted that the stock market would rebalance is back to give his analysis during this time of economic uncertainty. What we are seeing in these markets is what he describes as Reverse QE.

For everyone that is familiar with QE and its inflationary implications, Reverse QE will — and is — having deflationary effects on the markets that will continue to put downward pressure on the stock market. With China dumping hundreds of billions of dollars worth of treasuries, we have a situation that is negating the efforts the Fed has gone through to purchase these treasuries, which has stimulated our markets.

If we see this trend continue, Reverse QE could overwhelm the system and trigger a major stock market crash. No one else is articulating the market like this, and today, you have the opportunity to hear Nicholas Green, of, explain the current situation and actionable solutions to thrive in this environment.

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