Last Stop Before Shemitah

from Crush the Street We could see a market crash in 2015 that will be as steep as 30% to 50%, at least according to one expert. In an exclusive interview we conducted with market analyst Bo Polny, he said we won’t have the next phase of the crash until after September 23rd. Examining cycles, he said the low will be reached in 2016 though we will see a 30 to 50% correction this year in our stock markets. September is full of many pivotal dates and there is still a great amount of uncertainty in our markets. Analyst Nicholas Green with FMT Advisory points to China rapidly dumping U.S. Treasuries and a new phenomenon called “reverse QE” which could be what triggers are market crash that is being forecasted. One thing is certain and that is there are many events converging in fall of 2015 and it will be very important to be positioned correctly to protect your investments and thrive. In this week’s Economic Crisis News, we cover some of these predictions and other major events that has happened during our week.

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