Is This A FEMA Camp In Illinois Exposed By An ANP Reader?

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline 04_Oak_Forest_Health_Center_-_Close_Shot.PNG With America and the world now preparing for something huge as detailed on ANP and alternative news websites across the internet, a very concerned ANP reader emailed us the photographs seen above and at the bottom of the story showing what he believes to be a possible FEMA camp in Illinois. We also take a look below at a new warning coming to us from an ‘insider’, a Goldman Sachs analyst who warns us of a possible economic ‘doomsday scenario’ ahead in the 2nd video below.

While we are unable to confirm at this time that the installation seen in these pictures is a FEMA camp, we were asked to bring it to the attention of our readers in Illinois as a public service announcement. With Chicago already exposed as having a CIA-style ‘black site’ hidden within the city, this latest warning of a possible FEMA camp in Illinois is another warning of the direction our country is taking as collapse awaits us on the horizon. This location, the Oak Forest Health Center, has long been thought by ‘conspiracy theorists’ to be a possible FEMA camp with military, FEMA, DHS and other emergency service vehicles housed on this ‘campus’ and very close nearby as seen in the photos at the bottom of the story. 

With signs of economic armageddon all around us, we also take another look at what we as ‘awakened’ Americans should be doing to protect ourselves and the lives of our families and loved ones with several videos, including a new one from Infowars called “How To Prepare For The Coming Collapse Of America.” With an analyst from Goldman Sachs warning today that oil could plunge to $20 a barrel as shared in the 2nd video below from Bloomberg Business and the market immediately reacting negatively to the announcement, USA Today managed to get the dreaded words “Doomsday Scenario” into their story title. 


Even though millions of Americans are completely clueless and won’t understand the words ‘economic collapse’ until they see scenes like the cover shot on the 1st video below in their own local grocery stores, millions more are preparing, leading to many long-term survival food stores being overwhelmed as FEMA pushes ‘National Preparedness Month’ in September and Americans sense something bad on our doorstep. Could up to 50% of Americans die in a devastating economic collapse as warned of by survivalist expert James Wesley Rawles as shared in this story from Susan Duclos?

We only need to look at scenes from Venezuela and to know that the very real possibility of food shortages and civil unrest in America is something that our government and law enforcement agencies are preparing for all across the country. With questions continually going out in the mainstream media asking why law enforcement needs to be so militarized, scenes like we are seeing coming out of Venezuela are exactly why.

Those at the upper levels of command KNOW that an economic collapse is coming and they are doing what they need to do to get ready for the fallout. That’s also one of the reasons why Americans who are preparing are helping out our LEO’s immensely…those who prepared won’t be rioting in the streets for their next meals. Much more below including words of warning from a concerned ANP reader.

The following pictures at the bottom of the story were sent to us by an ANP reader and show military vehicles on the grounds of the Oak Forest Health Center. The additional pictures are Google Earth screenshots of the same grounds. Possible FEMA camp? Our readers own thoughts on all of this have been republished below with names redacted.:

Dear ANP Tips:

I wanted to share a recent discovery outside of Chicago, Illinois with you that I believe is related to Jade Helm 15 and future FEMA/DHS camp operations.

I was alerted to this fact by a contractor friend of mine, although I will withhold details that could link them to their business at the location in question.  Anyway, my friend was on assignment at the Oak Forest Health Center located in Oak Forest, Illinois.  Oak Forest is located just southwest of the city of Chicago and can be viewed on Google maps here:

Some observations can be made when viewing the provided link:
  • Facility is located close to a major highway (57) and rail system
  • Surrounded by many acres of forested land to provide cover and privacy
  • Many flatland areas on property that can serve as helicopter landing zones
  • Some vehicles are staged outside of the compound in a forested area – see pic.
  • A large water tower is located on the property
I’ve included two, close-up pictures taken by my friend as well as many zoomed in screen shots from Google Earth that show the staging of numerous military vehicles. 

I do not have a military background so I can’t identify all of the vehicles in the screen shots, although it does appear that many Humvee’s are present.  My friend confirmed that many of the Humvee’s are painted black and display DHS emblems on their sides. 

Also confirmed were many large trucks that appeared to have a radar dish type device mounted to them with the initials EMP painted on the them.  The radar dishes were folded down into the truck beds for storage.  I am familiar with what an EMP weapon is but I don’t think the radar trucks had anything to do with that type of weapons system.  To me it sounded more like a crowd control microwave weapons system but who knows?

It also appears in the screen shots that many police type vehicles and white vans are parked throughout the parking lots.  In one of the pictures it looks like a FEMA RV command center can be seen, my friend confirmed that the RV has an emblem displayed on the side that says “Cook Cook Emergency Response”. 

When trying to switch to “street view” none of the images show the staged military vehicles and the street view feature will not let you enter the roads that are part of the facility compound.  Also missing from the street view images is the added barbed wire that has been added to the perimeter fencing.  My friend confirmed that a lot of additional barbed wire is stored within the perimeter but has yet to be staged.

Perhaps the additional barbed wire will be deployed in and around the residential area by the facility.  I also considered that tent “camps could be erected since a significant amount of clear, flat land surrounds the facility.  Maybe the barbed wire is needed for future “camp” expansion?

My friend informed me that this facility has been closed down to the public for the most part and several of the buildings are known to be condemned – who knows if any of the buildings are truly condemned.  My friend did say that DHS has recently moved into many of the buildings at the location but was unable to report what they were doing there or how many buildings they are occupying.

When my friend was in one of the DHS controlled building several motion sensors and surveillance cameras were witnessed.  A retina scan was also necessary to gain entry into the building.  While being asked to wait in one of the conference rooms at the DHS building my friend observed several flat screen monitors lining the walls along with large digital clocks that seemed to be counting down.  What the clocks were counting down for and how much time was left on them was not remembered by my friend, and no camera phone pictures were taken inside the facility due to the tight security.

The attached screen shots are worth a thousand words and speak for themselves.  If you could get the word out about this you would be doing a service to the citizens of Illinois.  Please feel free to investigate the situation further on your own and for obvious reason please refrain from sharing my name and contact information in any online posts.

God Bless.

Some of the comments left below by Topix readers point out that a lot of people believe this hospital location is likely something MUCH MORE than just a hospital.:

My sources tell me that the area where Oak forest Hospital is located will be huge news when the riots starts like in 1968. Just wait and see!

We can deal with the zombies. Its the two legged Cockroaches that I am worried about. The havenots are coming if you like it or not. There is not enough foodstamps to keep them happy. Oak forest hospital is going to be used as private prison, black helicopters are also coming.

So it’s been close to a year since Mr. Kadner gave us all a somewhat believable story. But now that it’s been 9 months since that story has anyone followed up on it? No work has taken place at the National Guard post at 138th & Pulaski yet the volume of military vehicles has doubled or tripled at Oak Forest Hospital since then. What gives?

There is a sh$$ load of new vehicle there. And its a fact that there are Homeland Security and Law Enforcement storage there.

I thought it sounded fishy from the get go, but figured see what happens. Well apparently nothing happened. So are there any vehicles over at 138th & Pulaski? Getting weird with Jade Helm and all









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