Axel Merk & Chris Waltzek

from Radio Gold Seek

  • Axel Merk, head of Merk Investments returns to the show – he thinks the Fed should balk on next week’s proposed rate hike.
  • Instead, policymakers will likely engineer a ZIRP exit strategy.
  • By reducing volatility / exposure to zero, the Fed “put” has lulled investors into a false sense of security, forcing savings into risky assets.
  • The resulting complacency is costly and could increase along with volatility in the coming weeks / months as investors adjust expectations. Our guest outlines a robust, portfolio diversification-strategy.
  • From a contrarian stance, gold offers a solid alternative to over priced equities. Merk Investments created a gold ETF with the benefit of delivery.
  • Investors can request delivery of American Gold Eagles to their doorsteps in one week, regardless of market volatility (OUNZ).


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