Red List News- Garbage Trucks Spying On You, Medical Kidnapping

from Red List News On episode 19 of Red List News, Dave goes deep with analysis concerning our increasing rush to World War 3, and how we are now closer than ever to conflict. Covering the institutional kidnapping arena, Jim next highlights how one NY hospital admitted to taking “medical custody” of children whose parents refuse newborn vaccines. Following up, FEMA and their true intentions are exposed as Dave ponders where all the elite have gone. The privatization of “Big Brother” is covered next as Jim reports on the proposal (passed 4-1) to mount data gathering cameras on garbage trucks in an effort to assist law enforcement. Rounding out the broadcast, Dave asks for your support in assisting Arizona Law Enforcement…please make the call. Lastly, Jim spotlights the latest effort to take guns out of our hands by criminalizing gun sellers.

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