UPDATED – Craig Hemke: The Existing Global Financial System Is A Ticking Time Bomb

TDC Note – This article from ZeroHedge ties in, and confirms, what Craig discussed on Tuesday. It’s always a positive sign to have confirmation. Bob Shiller Fears “Substantial Decline” Sees Dow ‘Fair Value’ Around 11,000

"This is a dangerous time," warns Nobel laureate Bob Schiller as he warns of the false signal that typical P/E ratios are misleading and in fact his CAPE ratio (looking through the cycle) implies "fair value" for The Dow should trade around 11,000 and around 1300 for the S&P 500. "There is a risk of a substantial decline," he adds, warning that the recent rebound "maybe someone's good will effort to stabilize the market," and in fact the market's valuation is high now and people are over-exposed.


Schiller unleashes some inconvenient truths on CNBC…

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