Army Confirms Radioactive Pollution – World Powers Are Prepping for Space Warfare

from DAHBOO ALERT! Environmental Health Disaster In St Louis, Army Confirms Radioactive Pollution After years of denial the US Army has confirmed dangerous radioactive pollution is present in St. Louis County in Missouri. In the 1940’s the Manhattan Project produced the first nuclear weapons, that were later to be dropped on Japan. Tons of nuclear waste from those experiments was buried in a creek near St. Louis. World Powers Are Prepping for Space Warfare The entire network of U.S. military and intelligence satellites may soon be controlled through a single command center, jointly operated by the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. There are high-level discussions now taking place about the command center. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh told Breaking Defense those involved in the discussion include White House officials, the National Security Council, Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work, the Air Force Secretary, and Strategic Command and Space Command. “All the pieces are there,” he said. “We just need to make sure all the authorities are clear, and that’s the difficult part.” This is the latest in a recent string of global developments around space warfare, each of which was significant enough to have experts question whether something more is at play behind the scenes. Satellites play crucial roles in the U.S. military’s ability to defend the country and fight wars, and rival countries—particularly the Chinese regime—have made these satellites a prime target in the event of war. The new center would help defend these satellites from attack, by ensuring all U.S. military and intelligence satellites are visible and controllable.

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