September 2015 Reality Check

by Dr. Richard Sauder, Event Horizon Chronicle The reality for all of us is that we are members of a profoundly dysfunctional human species in very deep trouble, on a planet whose biosphere is dying and/or being killed, mostly by us, individually and collectively. I am sorry to say this, but it does look like a mass mortality event may lie just ahead for very large numbers of humans on this planet. I will have more to say about this below. I was born in the USSA in 1955 and naturally am still in communication with people from that country. At this point my frank perception is that the vast majority of people in the USSA are in tremendously dangerous denial, about almost everything that is of any substantive consequence to the continued habitability of this planet by the human species, and most other complex, biological life forms. I have written before about The Bone Lady who visited me in 1958, when I was a sickly little, three year old boy, and who gave me a broad overview of what was coming. For whatever reason, She clued me in to the great dying time that was coming, the time of unimaginable turmoil, death and woe, the time of great suffering and destruction, the unthinkable, inhuman, demonic time of incomprehensible horror. As my regular readers know, I came to Ecuador in late 2010 on a shamanic vision quest. As part of my quest I have since drunk shamanic brews using the Amazonian visionary plants on many occasions and have had many visions. Last month I had occasion to drink ayahuasca again and in response to my repeated inner questions as to what would happen in the time frame of August to November 2015, I was shown what I can only characterize as a dark, grim, unpleasant scenario of a foreboding demonic cast that left me feeling distinctly uneasy. I could see no bright ray of sunshine in what I was shown. I was left with the feeling that foul, demonic entities are either about to be unleashed on this world, or already have been, and that more are coming in. It was unsettling. I couldn’t see anything good in it. I was given no specific dates or particular events to watch for, and that doesn’t really matter, because these days there is no shortage of people out on the Internet and in a variety of other forums predicting all sorts of trouble and mayhem for the coming weeks and months. I hardly need to add my voice to that swelling chorus of prophets and seers. At the same time, I cannot discount the possibility of the various false flag attacks, Black Swans and various and sundry other trials and tribulations that are being more and more widely discussed and predicted by a wide variety of bloggers, commentators and analysts. I can’t discount them, due to what The Bone Lady revealed to me in 1958 and also due to the obvious, powerfully negative trend of events on this planet and the massively dysfunctional state of mind and spirit of so many millions of humans on the planet. So how much trouble are we in? Enough trouble to kill all of humanity, and quite a lot of the other life forms on the planet, and leave the planet fatally toxic and uninhabitable for a geological age to come, unless the great bulk of humanity dramatically awakens and mends its errant ways. Otherwise, our goose is cooked. We are in real trouble and if we don’t make major, positive adjustments and changes to our way of thinking, our way of life, our way of relating to the planet and each other and other life forms on this planet, then I don’t see how a history changing, mass mortality event on this planet can be avoided. I don’t like to write those words. I don’t like to think that thought, and yet there it is. I don’t see any way around it. I live on the Earth, along with all of you, and that is my objective assessment of where we are in September of 2015. The Economic Crash Unless you spend your life hibernating under a log, then you are surely aware that international markets are presently in turmoil. The fundamental cause is that the central banking economic model that presently governs this planet’s commerce is based on fiat currency (dollars, pounds, euros, francs, pesos, etc.) created out of thin air by central bankers and issued into circulation in the world economy at interest, which necessarily creates more and debt. After many decades of growth of this global, massively debt-based, central bank created economic system, the amount of worldwide debt has reached unsustainable levels of hundreds of trillions of dollars that simply cannot be paid and that do not meaningfully correspond to any substantive, real world economic activity. In other words, the global economic system has become a massive, unsustainable morass of debt that cannot feasibly be paid. The global debt cannot be paid and so it will not be paid. The global economic system therefore must and will fail, seeing as it is a nullity, indeed, less than a fallacious nullity, reflecting nothing but economic falsity based on fiat money created right out of thin air and lent into circulation at interest, i.e., less than an imaginary nullity, a fantastic global crime in progress corresponding to the central bankers’ mad nightmare of limitless wealth for themselves at the absolute ruinous expense of everyone and everything else. But as the system collapses it will create immense, unimaginable suffering for the poverty stricken masses of humanity who have been ground down to nothing by the fallacious nullity of the vicious economic model that has been imposed on the human race in recent decades and centuries; to be sure, that suffering is already an ever present, hideous, daily reality for billions of humans on this planet and it is all about to get ever so much worse. It is beyond vicious. It is frankly demonic. Those who run the modern banking and financial system are the greatest monsters of this or any age. While it is true that at the highest levels, Ashkenazi Jews such as Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and others figure very prominently in the hideously evil activities at the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, to cite one example of many, it is not enough to say that what is happening is simply the fault of the Jews, as some simple-minded, misguided commentators do. Those Ashkenazi Jews who figure prominently at the apex of the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, for instance, and other powerful banking and financial institutions, could not do what they do without the enabling assistance of countless millions of others all over the world, the great majority of whom are not Ashkenazi Jews. So even while observing that prominent Ashkenazi Jews such as Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen and Alan Greenspan have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, they are but the surface manifestation of a profoundly darker reality that uses them as its Ashkenazi Jew puppets or agents in the human realm. How bad is the situation? Well, as of 2005, 80% of humanity subsisted on less than $10 per day, and over 3 billion people lived on less than $2.50 per day. One in five people lived on less than $1.25 per day. Those numbers are certainly even worse today, given the ongoing, global, economic decline of the past decade and more. I sometimes read comments by people in the “developed” world who say things like: “Yeah, but ten dollars goes a lot further in Latin America or Africa than it does in the USSA or the European Union. So it’s not a big issue.” And to those misguided souls I say that I live in a small, developing country in Latin America and it’s not that easy. Let those naysayers come here to Ecuador and live on $10 per day. Most of them couldn’t do it, not day after day, week after week, not year in, year out, not with any degree of creature comfort. Even in a small country in South America ten dollars per day is not much money, and you absolutely will struggle to survive on that amount — or less. Food, clothing, rent, utilities, personal sundries, public transport — all on ten dollars a day — or less? And then suppose that you also have children to look after … well, you can see the difficulty. So as the system collapses, and the price of food sky rockets, those who were able to at least buy a pound of rice and maybe a head of cabbage or some lentil beans, will no longer be able to. If you are among those billions of people scraping along on $1.35 or $2.25 per day and the price of rice goes up, the price of lentils goes up, cabbage goes up in price, such that you can no longer purchase the food you need to eat, then you don’t have food anymore. People who have no food die. If you are living on one or two or three dollars per day, there is no safety net. You don’t eat? — you die. It’s that simple. Half of humanity or more, is in this situation right now, right on the edge of survival. As the fake, fraudulent nullity that is the modern banking system, and the field of so-called “high finance”, all based on paper and digital fiat money spun straight out of thin air and lent into the global economy at interest, fail, a tide of human misery, suffering and death, such as never has been seen before will ensue. It cannot be otherwise, given how the system is constructed. Now, you may rejoin, you may remonstrate that that is too fantastically horrific a prospect to contemplate, that the mythical “they” would never permit so ghastly a turn of events; and I will reply that, just so, that that is precisely the evil deed that “they” intend to do. Tell me — who will intervene to dole out millions of tons of food to the suffering, desperately poor and hungry hordes of impoverished humanity the world over? You? You are not doing it now, so how will you do it when the entire, fake, global system comes crashing down to Earth and there is chaos everywhere? Maybe the United Nations? NATO? The World Bank? The Red Cross? I repeat — “they” are not doing it now, so why and how will they do it when pandemonium prevails, the world over? No, you will be doing well to even feed yourself, when your bank card is rejected by the automatic teller machine, when you have no job to go to, when you use the last of the gasoline for your car, when the supply trucks no longer stock your local markets, super or mini or otherwise, when the chaos arrives at your very door. To this day, a lot of people in the so-called “developed” countries still indulge themselves with the absurd fantasy that they will watch the tumultuous, upcoming, global events on television, or read about them on their favorite websites as they browse the Internet on their laptop and eat a croissant and drink their morning coffee. What can I say? — there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Geo-engineering Humanity Into Oblivion But it is so much worse than that. Dane Wigington, at, is doing a yeoman’s job of exposing the vast, highly dangerous and poisonous project that is underway to geoengineer the Earth, using what many have called “chemtrail” spraying, to artificially alter the global climate. A variety of agencies have devoted huge resources to spray a wide variety of chemicals, compounds, metallic and other toxic substances into the world’s skies, with tremendously harmful and far reaching, detrimental effects on the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the soil on which we walk. The entire biosphere on this planet is being gravely poisoned. The global flora and fauna are being devastated, and human health is being massively, negatively compromised. The USSA military is heavily involved in these nefarious activities. I have personally observed USSA military aircraft involved in these geoengineering, “chemtrail” operations when I lived in Texas. This is but one more piece of evidence of the extremely deep evil that characterizes the USSA military and its operations all over the world. The USSA military is a grotesquely satanic organization in the service of a darkly evil power that is ruthlessly taking down humanity and this planet. If you presently work for, or in, one of the USSA military agencies, my unsolicited advice on a soul level is to come out of there and separate yourself from the USSA military just as soon as you can. The Great Methane Clathrate Melt Down It has become the vogue in some corners of the alternative media to ridicule climate change, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of such change. The reality is that even as some regions of the world have experienced uncharacteristic cold in recent years, other regions have been much warmer than normal. To wit: the Arctic has been much warmer recently than normal. This means that the normal jet stream flow has been displaced, creating much milder weather in the Arctic region in the northern hemisphere winter than has historically been the case. That matters because a tremendous amount of frozen methane is locked in the sediment of the Arctic Ocean and in the permafrost of the Arctic tundra. As the region warms those ocean bottom sediments and the tundra permafrost have begun to release their no longer trapped gigatons of frozen methane directly to the sea and to the atmosphere. One of the best websites covering this issue is Arctic News. As this vast amount of methane is released to the Earth’s atmosphere it will radically change the Earth’s atmospheric chemistry, with especially extensive ramifications for the Arctic region, helping to warm the Arctic even more. To cite but one instance, what are the effects on the Earth’s climate to have an ice free Arctic region? Because that is what is coming if the Arctic continues to warm. No one knows for sure, but as we go deeper into the Arctic warming trend, the point will come when there will be a huge methane release to the atmosphere in a short period of time, and life on this planet will never be the same again, if human life will even be possible anymore.

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