Rob Kirby – America is Burning, More Money Printing Coming – Not A Financial Crash But Dark Ages Coming!

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says forget what you are hearing about the so-called “recovery.” The powers are hiding a coming collapse. The American economy is being propped up with fraud and crime and time is running out. Kirby explains, “The whole world is grading America and America is burning. When you are burning, it is really hard to put out a message or convince people that all is well. America is failing in spades at doing this. Rigging markets and acting in a sociopathic nature doesn’t make this job easier and doesn’t make it true because they say so. They have idiots making pronouncements that a weak jobs number is good tonic and a good basis for raising rates. It clearly isn’t. . . . We are living in “Alice in Wonderland” with the comments we are getting out of this administration.” Instead of a rate rise from the Fed, Kirby thinks we are going to get another round of money printing or QE. Kirby predicts, “With China being confirmed as being a very large seller of US government securities, the notion that 10-year bond hasn’t budged is inconsistent with China selling a whole lot of securities unless the Fed is monetizing debt or basically doing a QE job in stealth without declaring it, which I believe to be the case. I believe the Fed is doing a stealth QE, and I think they are going to have to start paving the way to justify an official announcement of additional QE. What better way to do that than report a weak jobs number . . . I believe the Fed is greasing the skids or the path for an additional round of QE.” Continue Reading>>>

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