Eric Dubin: Subterranean Economic Rot – Expiration Date 2016?

by Rory, The Daily Coin On January 21, 2015 I sat down with Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors. At that time we discussed the ongoing Grexit–still ongoing, we discussed the possibility of a Fed interest rate hike…still waiting and the very aspects of our declining economy. Our economy, since then, has really fallen off a cliff. Through the Shadow of Truth project, that myself, along with Dave Kranzler developed, we have shown month after month the various data points exactly how bad things have become. We haven’t reached the bottom yet, but it is certainly in sight. We have a great many new points to fold onto of the already existing data that clearly shows how far we have fallen just in 2015. In January Eric described how his research left little room for anything positive to manifest during 2015. His call back in January has proven to be 100% accurate. I have kept this in the back of my mind for the past eight months and invited Eric back to, congratulate on making such a great call, and to follow up and get his insight into the remainder of the year and into 2016—if there will even be a financial/economic 2016. The good news is: accruing to his research analysis we will in fact experience 2016!! However, as the headline of this article suggest there is some serious rot within the system the Fed and their minions will no longer be able to contain. Beginning right now, the end of calendar Q3, the markets will continue sending signals with massive volatility, wild swings and the PPT losing their minds and losing their grip. This, of course, could change if Russia decides to make a move on the market or if the neocon/warmongers within the Pentagon/Washington DC decide that the time for war has arrived. If either one of those scenarios comes to pass all bets are off; our world will change overnight. The jawboning by the Federal Reserve, beginning with Ben Bernanke and now Janet Yellen, about raising interest rates is wearing very thin. Eric points out a poll conducted by Bloomberg of the Wall Street gangs that demonstrates how little effect it has on their decisions. Before the Federal Reserve meeting at Jackson Hole at the end of August the Wall Streeters were drinking the kook-aid to the tune of 50% polled believed the Fed had control. After the meeting that number had dropped to 34%. A 16 point drop within a 10 day span does not bod well for the constant rhetoric about raising interest rates. Bare in mind we are talking about .25%–that’s right one quarter of one percent. This mindless game has gone on for almost three years. It has become a joke, the same as the Federal Reserve is a joke along with their criminal partners on Wall Street and in Washington DC. Listen in and hear how Eric makes the calls and points to the next leg of this ongoing economic and financial nightmare. The audio only version is available unedited, without ads, for download or stream at or search itunes for Silverfarm.

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