‘Your Sons And Daughters Will Prophesy’ – Are Our Children Warning Us What Is Coming? End Time Dreams And Visions Are Increasing In Frequency And Intensity

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline dreamsvisionsfinalhour2.jpg End Time Dreams And Visions Are Increasing In Frequency And Intensity


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Joel 2:28 – “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions”

With increasing frequency and intensity adults and children across America are reporting dreams, visions and a feeling that something is imminent, “something horrible is around the corner,” as seen in forums and comment sections, alerts on sites that document the warnings people send them, and described in video interviews like the one shown at the end of this article.

While researching this article I noticed there are “themes” for lack of a better term, surrounding these dreams and/or visions, with some warning of imminent disaster, others being lost among strangers, scavenging for food and supplies, and still others lamenting their warnings are going unheeded.

In an ANP comment section on Thursday on an economics article, I noticed a number of commenters talking about there unsettling dreams as well as describing some disturbing things their children were saying and doing. The small sample shown below are representative of what is being seen and felt across the nation, by people who have never met, never spoken to one another, and yet the similarities are astounding.



A few examples from the aforementioned comment section as well as elsewhere on the web, show many are dreaming of being lost, wander, attacked and having their warnings ignored, are shown below.

Shannon – I keep warning my husband that something bad is coming and to stay alert. All I get from him is “yeah you’ve been saying that for 3 months now and nothing has happened”. Funny thing is all the strange dreams I keep having…he’s not there, just me and our girls. My 6 yr old has been asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us all and my 3 yr old no longer wants to sleep due to bad dreams. It’s a very heavy feeling and I just can’t shake it no matter how much praying I do. God Bless Sister Lillith. Stay prepared and as safe as possible.

Lillith – My dreams really end up being about trying to hide and protect my kids… But the visions I have had within my dreams have been ongoing since age sixteen. I’m 43 now.. It’s been a while having these and the more recent ones are of a massive earthquake that levels darn near everything, a blackened sky with inbound meteors and seeing tsunamis and volcanoes on the horizon.

In the visions, there’s a since of biblical dread in terms of” I know what’s coming next” and trying to warn people… People who either won’t or can’t hear me.

In the end, I know where we are going… While I’m in some fear of what’s ahead because of the family and friends who will perish without Jesus … It’s exhilarating to live in the end of days… Watching our Lord return.

Laura m – I have had strange dreams about wandering in the woods, down trails, broken down roads , etc. Old rundown buildings , hosues, everywhere people go in and out of looking for stuff they can use. sometimes I’m with people I know in these dreams, and other times, total strangers and everyone seems dazed.

Shannon – Most of mine are in a commune type situation in old bldgs or a compound with ppl I don’t know. One was in a medical bldg and that was a bad dream with evil demon type things coming after us…not good! I don’t even watch stuff that would invoke that so dunno…………I remember a ton of us ppl ran to that place as a last line of defense…but were all attacked anyway. like I said, not a good dream at all and have had it a couple times! def one i’d like to forget that’s for sure.

The Mighty Kevin – Wow, you guys – Lillith, Shannon, and Laura! Very, very interesting about the dreams and the 6 yr old asking for the Holy Spirit to fill you all. I’ve been having dreams for at least the past couple of years about traveling with a group of people. We’re always at some different place, and usually not any particular people, just people in general. Often in the dreams I’m in buildings in the middle of the old downtown area that aren’t actually there, and sometimes I’m going to places I’ve supposedly been before, old stores in another town, that I’ve actually never been to. Last night there was an old run down hotel at the same spot downtown (in the dream) and our door wouldn’t close right. There was a lot of junk left by other people all over our room. I think the junk may have represented what people have done in this country that is going to end up affecting all of us.

Those are a small sample of the references to what the adults are dreaming, witnessing and those feeling that warnings are going unheeded from that particular comment section, but looking elsewhere, we see more similar in nature over at Steve Quayle’s “Dreams Visions” page, which is a must read, especially for those that feel their warnings are being ignored…… you are not alone.

One specific alert from August 21, 2015, states in part “I sent you watchman who cried out warnings, but you ignored them. Now the sirens are going off, people are running around not knowing what to do because they put their faith in things and not the one true God of Heaven.

Another from August 23rd statesHello Brother, I just finished reading a dream that a brother, Byron, had sent to you. His dream was about to stop wasting my time on people who will not help themselves. The people in his dream were connected like zombies to the electronics. As I read his dream I recalled 2 dreams I had many years ago.In the first dream I was in a large stadium, there was a preacher down on the field on a platform. The people in the stands were like zombies,mesmerized by the words the man was speaking. I don’t know what the man was saying. I felt an urgency of panic and began to run amongst the people yelling at them , No, No Jesus is not on the Cross He is Alive, Jesus is alive. I even shook one of the people by the shoulders and yelled HE is NOT on the cross, He is alive, but his eyes were like that of a mannequin. None could even hear me they were completely lost in this mans words; to them I didnt even exists. The next dream I was standing upon a bank of a long empty canal. At the far end of the canal was a sheer drop off, I heard a noise and coming from the opposite direction was a mass of people,chattering, smiling,and they were all holding Bibles, completely oblivious to the danger ahead of them. I began to run along the bank shouting, stop theres a drop off, stop please stop. None of these people paid any attention to me. I ran toward the drop off and was shouting, they were still chattering and laughing and completely unaware of my shouting. They COULD NOT hear me. I watched as they began to just walk off of the precipice like lemmings. Crying I woke up. Steve I had these dreams in the late 1980s or early 90s. As I read Byrons dream I know it is the same spirit of gross darkness that has come upon the people and they simply and sadly WILL NOT Listen. God Bless you Brother, May the Holy Spirit guide His remnant to speak and care for those who are awake and who will listen and not have us waste our time on those who can no longer hear the warnings of the watchmen. I will see your face in Heavenly places my brother

That alert was in response to another that was posted on August 14th, by Byron, which speaks volumes to those lamenting that their own warnings and words are being ignored. It is longer but accurately describes the lateness of the hour.

Dear Steve,
I had this dream a couple of weeks ago, it struck me as important and my Wife told me that I should tell you but I thought why bother? I thought that it was only connected to myself and that it was only informational to me so I let it be. I wrote you about the cattle instead. Last week I had the chance to be in your area and I thought how cool, and my Wife again prompted me, I still said Why? I prayed about it and having no immediate answer I left it in the dust bin. As you know I am a truck driver and I do not get to listen to much of anything live most of my favourite stuff is downloaded and then played on my Wife’s Sony as I am driving at night. Well I finally got to hear your last Sunday show from Dave Hodges. All I could think of is oops. 

Anyways, here is the dream take what you will from it.In the dream my Wife and I are in a rural town. It is a mishmash of North Dakota, Montana, Alberta, and Rural Saskatchewan, you know little bits of each region but symbolizing the general character of the people and land.

We are talking to a young man, near the down town core and we are trying to impress upon him the importance of getting some food and supplies to weather the coming crisis. After much discussion where I even offer him money to buy the supplies, I don’t know why but it was a 20 lb bag of rice, a case of canned corn and I think feminine hygiene products, he agrees to go buy the stuff while refusing politely my money. He immediately gets on his bike and goes about a block away and gets back off and sets the bike down to just watch me. He does not go and get the stuff. So my Wife and I walk away too. This is where it gets weird. We come to the main square and there is three rows of benches like what we used to use in school. The heavy ones made of 2 x 6 ‘s . On these benches there is many electronic devices that are connected together. Phones, laptops, scanners, pads, and who knows what all modern connectivity devices. There is power cables and all sorts of wires running everywhere. In front of these benches are people. Not sitting on them but, in line with these devices. Everyone is engrossed with their particular machine. Some are watching shows, some are listening some texting and some doing Farmville. I do not know a lot about games but this one seemed to be the most popular one. My Wife and I both tried to talk to the people there. We started at the front row nearest the street and nobody even looked up at us. 

She then stood off to the side and shook her head at me still trying. I moved to the back and I was shouting but the people never looked up, some turned the volume up to ignore me. I went to step over the middle bench and there was a computer tower all plugged in and a cable leading to a woman’s phone. As I raised my foot I finally got a reaction. The woman looked at me gave me a hate filled stare and said “Don’t you dare step there”. After I put my foot back down she went back to her phone and it was like I was not even there. I looked to my Wife who by then was just shrugging her shoulders, she pointed to the sky and said it is getting too late we should go and the sun was almost set on the town. Instead I turned around. In the very last row there was people of course but over them there was light shades. Every person had an individual light over them. They were an antique style with little crocheted covers and fine webbing from the edges. They also had a pull chain. So with one younger man that was right there in front of me now I pulled the chain. He never looked up. So I pulled the next one and with that light out he still did not look up but he leaned over to the woman next to him to use her light to see his pad with. Just like a flower leaning to the sun. This guy was a vegetable. So I just started pulling light chains till they were all in darkness and I left them and woke up.I felt that I was being told that I needed to stop wasting my time on people who will not help themselves. After hearing you, once again, I think now I know why I was impressed to tell you too. God Bless you for what you have done over the years, It is so much more than I ever could have done and I consider you a light in my life. 
Thank you, Byron



In the original comment thread from Thursday, Lillith touched on another common theme noticed in these dreams and visions… disaster……….. where she dreamed of earthquakes, meteors and volcanoes, and we see just today in a new alert at Quayle’s site that these types of dreams and visions have been reported for years…. more warnings that have been ignored.

This alert is interesting for many reasons as it refers to recent events and theories, yet I am told by Steve the woman that sent the alert, Erica, had these years ago.

Dear Brother Steve,
I’ve had many different visions (by the grace of God) and I keep having them. The following are summaries of five of the many visions I have had:

(1) The Lord showed me a place that looked to be on the East Coast of the United States. There was a harbor with many boats (sail boats specifically). I was seeing a house that had been owned by a wealthy person; the house was relatively large, with antiques and fine paintings everywhere. It was sunny outside and the season appeared to be either spring or summer. I then saw a man who was heavy set, with a thick Stalin-esque mustache and a cruel look in his eyes. He looked like a mafia strongman type, but I remember his accent was distinctly Russian. He was essentially commanding several different Russian troops. It was clear that these Russian troops were occupying the area, and that they had acquired the assets and belongings of wealthy people in the area (as a sort of war booty). Even more disturbing was the fact that they seemed to have seized several of the local people as assets and were holding them as prisoners. The Lord showed me this and said that this is part of the fate or America if the people do not repent.

(2) The Lord showed me several different aircraft which were flying over the United States. They were not military aircraft, but rather standard passenger or freight planes, however I could see paratroopers jumping out of the planes. I could see the faces of some of the paratroopers, which were Russian in appearance. The look of aggression and hatred on their faces was palpable, as if they were possessed by demons from hell. Then the Lord showed me where the paratroopers had dropped, which were places all over the US–strategically important locations. I then saw a sign that said “FAA.” Little did I know at that time the FAA had a nationwide outage for several hours, during which it could not properly track flights. I found out about that fact later on, and I believe the Lord was showing me the planting on various Russian intelligence assets throughout the county. The FAA outage would have provided total and complete coverage for the planting of Russian intelligence assets.

(3) In a vision the Lord showed me several different key waterways in the US. I could see the various filtering and water treatment plants associated with them. The scenes were very clear. In an instant I was shown several Chinese nationals who were in various stations with respect to water treatment plants. They were using various poisons and other toxic agents to destroy the water supplies. 

(4) The Lord literally showed me several different enormous underground bunkers that were owned by various elites. They had constructed immense facilities underground, which had extremely large houses among other things. There were teams of workers building the structures, and stacks of building materials could be seen around the building site. The Lord also showed me that He had destroyed several of these facilities as an act of grace. The Lord showed me that these sick elites had intentions to destroy much of humanity in the form of some sort of World War III and bug out in their bunkers during the mayhem. The fact that the Lord destroyed some of these areas was a profound act of grace that temporarily halted their plans.
(5) I saw Walmart stores being hollowed out and used as a sort of detention/human sorting facility. The store shelves were literally removed, and people were forced into the Walmarts, which were converted into large warehouses for people. This was very vivid, and it was specifically Walmart stores that were used for this (not Target, not Costco, not any other big box store). The people in the lines were getting some sort of injection, and I got the sense that it was for euthanasia. The people did not look like criminals or anything of the sort, rather, they looked like ordinary Americans. Please note that this vision was perhaps ten years ago, well before Walmart stores were being shut down conveniently close to Jade Helm this summer.

Please note that I pray consistently to get accurate and meaningful messages. I also do not watch TV, or movies or anything else that could be giving me ideas, I aim to get information from what the Lord shows me only. In prayer the Lord told me that these things are warnings for those who have the discernment to listen and pay attention.
Your Sister in Christ,



We consistently see dreams, visions and warnings by adults and by watchmen ignored and waved away as “seeing” what they expect to see, but it is the references to the children that caught my eye because as one commenter put it “I have been experiencing alot of adults that are concerned and worried about their children’s behaviors lately…I believe its because the children are more sensitive to an awareness that the adults have been “trained” out of.”

The initial comment that began the conversation on dreams and visions in Thursday’s thread was from Lillith who stated “My teenage daughter has been telling me that teenagers in her school I have been sensing a feeling that something is imminent like something is getting ready to happen there’s a lot of the end of the world type stuff being talked about on social utilities among teenagers. They’re having dreams and visions and just sensed that something horrible’s around the corner…..”

It is not just teenagers though as Shannon describes the behavior of her two children, ages 6 and 3, where she states “I keep warning my husband that something bad is coming and to stay alert. All I get from him is “yeah you’ve been saying that for 3 months now and nothing has happened”. Funny thing is all the strange dreams I keep having…he’s not there, just me and our girls. My 6 yr old has been asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us all and my 3 yr old no longer wants to sleep due to bad dreams. It’s a very heavy feeling and I just can’t shake it no matter how much praying I do. God Bless Sister Lillith. Stay prepared and as safe as possible.”

Shannon followed up that comment by explaining “strange times indeed, eh? lots of ppl having odd dreams…heck up until a couple months ago I didn’t even really dream that much, not that I could remember anyway. lately it’s been totally different though. as for my 6 yr old…it’s also odd since we never pushed the kids into religion at all; were actually wanting to wait until they were older so they could make up their own mind, unlike how it was pushed on us as kids. well strangely enough I had this deep sense of dread that sent me running back to the Lord and she has followed very close on my heels like it is some great need in her to get close to the Lord. I’m very thankful for that. But she totally floored me with asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us one night during prayers…no one had talked with her about this (but she has been reading her study bible…frequently). She actually wants to be Baptized again (full immersion like my husband and I had done recently). I can only hope and pray that all children are driven to the Lord like this, for I fear for their salvation greatly. God Bless.”

In the video below we hear 18 different accounts of people seeing visions of the Second Coming and last day events and it begins with a mother talking of her son’s multiple dreams and visions, one of which clearly describes the difference between those that have heeded the warnings in comparison to those that ignored them.

I emailed Quayle yesterday before starting this article to ask him if he has been getting more reports than usual about children having dreams and visions, he answered “Yes, kids are multiplying in their dreams.”

Are our children warning us of what is coming?

 Followings are the list of the people in this video and their full videos!

1. Retah McPherson
2. Choo Thomas
3. David Jones and Sid Roth
4. Angelica Zamabrano
5. Sarah Binayamo Boyanga
6. Loretta Blasingame
7. Richard Sigmund
8. Carlos Samiento
9. Bruce Allen
10. David Owuor
11. Sister Ceci
12. Bernada Fernandez
13. James Durham
14. Maurice Sklar
15. Sori Park
16. Rivers Teske
17. Elvi Zapata
18. Kelvin Mireku


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