Welcome To The CIA’s Latest Masquerade…

by A.J. Castellitto, Western Journalism I’m not afraid I’m not ashamed I’m not to blame… Are we truly known? How well do we truly know ourselves? Do we carry our insecurities and peculiarities around with us? Are we hiding the broken pieces? Are we driven by repressed fear and hidden lust? Are we seeking revenge? Are we seeking redemption? Whose interests do we truly represent? In the end, does it even matter? We are living in the days of deception. Question everything, and realize that if something doesn’t seem right, it’s usually much worse than you could ever imagine. Where there’s lots of smoke and fire, too often the agenda lies right around the corner. We must realize that their time is limited, and they have to move pretty swiftly to advance their cause.

Selective reporting and political cover has reaped irreconcilable damage. All hope and trust is shot. If there are significant holes and gaps in a reported narrative, they must be soundly and conclusively clarified–or we will continue to take it upon ourselves to find the pieces and see where they ultimately fit. Fool me once…

“There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.” –William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, ‘The CIA and the Media‘, by Carl Bernstein

The ‘truther’ movement is merely getting warmed up. Whatever is to be done will have to be done in the light of day. Only the democrat-sheeple are left to manipulate, and their ignorance will ultimately be our nation’s death knell. They don’t call them ‘useful idiots’ for nothing.

“The Agency’s relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.”–‘The CIA and the Media’, by Carl Bernstein

[TDC Note – The above is called Operation Mockingbird]

As far as the CIA goes, it is their stated responsibility to “consistently provide tactical and strategic advantage for the United States….”

How do they accomplish this? Well, they are called upon to “preempt threats and further US national security objectives by collecting intelligence that matters, producing objective all-source analysis, conducting effective covert action as directed by the President, and safeguarding the secrets that help keep our Nation safe.”

What we are left with is ultimately an uncontrolled, unaccountable and terrifying branch of government…

If they are intent on destroying a citizen they deem to be a nuisance, what could stop them? Who dares oppose their agenda?

The tables have turned. When you play with fire, you will eventually get burned. The CIA does not represent us; nor do they act on our behalf. If we have benefited from their work in any way it is merely incidental. But the trade off is inequitable. In fact, the worst case scenario of such an arrangement has been realized.

We are an inconvenience. We are but a mere nuisance. The global elites run the show; and at the end of the day, the CIA is a major tool at their disposal.

Where does that ultimately leave us? Very vulnerable!

Too much of the accessible information has gone missing. Cover Ups and agendas drive our future course and underlie the discourse.

Disinformation is power. As long as there remain so many who blindly trust the editorial content they are fed, we will remain on the outside. It is probably where God has wanted us along. But the price of ignorance is steep.

Maybe we, the majority, have already come to our senses; but the damage is already done. The news is not reported as much as it is shaped. A global agenda is at hand. Our own sovereignty and self interest has been perverted. It is no accident how the mockingbird media skews its reporting. The lying leftist media are in the business of shallow reporting and political narratives. If the case cannot be won in the public square, reported events will be falsified, hijacked, and manipulated so that an ideological mission can be advanced.

The press is dead. Talking points is the new normal. In a worst case scenario, the scene is staged

Media trust is at an all time low. The details of the latest ‘breaking news’ tragedy now take a backseat to prematurely proposed legislation (that an otherwise seemingly isolated and conveniently timed massacre can opportunistically reap). So when the details raise major suspicions, it becomes no surprise that the narrative is questioned. In a world where thoughtful analysis and a fair consideration of the facts are at a premium, there should be no room for unduly swift and emotional appeals to action (especially when a lawless liberal agenda is at hand).

Accurate reporting has gone the way of the agenda. The burden of proof now falls on those who continue to stage, manipulate and ignore. A dangerous utopian ideology has been deceptively applied. It’s a truly sinister game being perpetuated upon the masses. America is a playground, and she’s being played like never before.

Those who perceive themselves to be God are a great danger… mainly to us but mostly and eternally themselves…

What are they trying to hide?

What are we trying to hide? What are we ultimately looking for? How are we made whole?

I’m not ashamed
I’m not afraid
I’m not o.k.

Welcome to the masquerade *

(Note: George H.W. Bush was appointed CIA Director in 1976 when he announced a new policy: “Effective immediately, the CIA will not enter into any paid or contractual relationship with any full‑time or part‑time news correspondent accredited by any U.S. news service, newspaper, periodical, radio or television network or station.”)

The question remains… Should we believe ’em???

* Thousand Foot Krutch

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