China to spend $315 bn on power grid to push clean energy

TDC Note – Imagine if the U.S. followed the lead of the communist? What would happen? I am not saying that we should become any more communist than at present, just take a look at some of the projects these “yellow devils” are working on. If the U.S. shifted $315 Billion from the Pentagon warmongers, over 5 years, and redirected that funding to a solar project along the southern tier, what impact would that have on the quality of life in this country? What impact would that have on the failing economy? What impact would that have on the environment? What impact would that have on YOUR taxes and electric bill? How much better off would our nation be, with a mere $61 Billion, per annum, redirected from killing and into productivity? Just a thought. from The BRICS Post China’s plans to build a safe and environmentally friendly smart-grid system by 2020 as it promotes the spread of clean energy got a boost with the government gearing up to spend at least 2 trillion yuan ($315 billion) to improve its power grid infrastructure over the next five years. Beijing will build long-distance transmission networks and active power distribution networks to fully use hydro power, wind and solar, the country’s top planning body announced earlier this year. China’s biggest power distributer, China State Grid Corp., spent about 400 billion yuan ($64 billion) last year on its electricity networks. China has pledged to get 20 per cent of its energy by 2030 from renewables and nuclear power, almost double the current share.

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