The Shemitah & September 23: “The Convergence”

TDC Note – This is well worth your time. This Pastor is taking a look, just like a lot of you, at the “convergence” of global, federal and local events that not only encompass climate change, but include CERN, JADE Helm, the Shemitah and the Pope addressing the U.S. Congress on 9/23. He, like most of us, is simply trying to connect the dots and the number of dots that are lining up is almost in conceivable. from Silver Doctors Pastor Jim Staley teaches on “The Convergence.” The Shemitah ends and September 23rd is the Convergence. Have you heard about the several global catastrophes that are supposedly going to happen this fall? Have you heard about Jade Helm? Or C.E.R.N? Why is the Pope making a historic appearance to the U.S. Capitol to address Congress in September? Do you think it’s strange that all of these events happen to “converge” right at the end of the Shemitah cycle—right when some prophecy teachers are predicting a financial collapse? In this teaching, Pastor Jim gives an overview of all these events and theories in light of Biblical prophecy. Is there any validity to these conspiracy theories? How should Bible Believers prepare for the end times? We hope you are blessed by this teaching.

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