Bill Holter: Something Snapped and The Fed has Lost Control

by Rory, The Daily Coin With the equity markets in turmoil, China devaluing the Yuan, again, on to of selling $100 BILLION in Treasuries in the last week, it seemed like a good time to speak with Bill Holter, Holter-Sinclair Collaboration to get his take on just what the heck is going on. Mr. Holter has one of the coolest jobs in the world. Not only does he get to analyze what is happening with gold, silver, commodities and equity markets gets to discuss ideas and his analysis with Mr. Gold, Jim Sinclair. The global GDP pie is no longer growing and it’s probably shrinking and we are in this currency war at this point where trade nations are racing, fighting each other to devalue their currency the fastest to keep their slice of the pie the same size or bigger. Call it a function of a ponzi scheme. You always have to have new money coming in, and if the pie is not growing, and you need to grow, the only way to do that is to devalue. I think that is what China is doing. Are there any bright spots on the horizon? How will the remainder of the middle class fare as all their wealth is being stripped? How will we rebuild? Potentially the U.S. turns into a third world nation. We have no manufacturing left; we probably have no gold left. Without any real manufacturing base to draw from and no gold in the coffers it seems the U.S. is on the road to ruin. How do you build yourself up when you have no tools? How do you get yourself out of debt when you have no money? How can claim to be a good neighbor when you continually threaten the people around you? If we examine what is going in the derivatives we see mostly nothing as the market is a dark pool of goo where trillion dollar bets are made that could blow up and not make a sound; simply smolder like a root fire in the forest. By the time you notice something the smoke half the forest is in flames. The audio only version is available unedited, without ads, for download or stream at or search itunes for Silverfarm.

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