Jeff Berwick on The Wake Up Mission: Libertarianism, the Shemitah and Expatriation

from The Dollar Vigilante Jeff is interviewed by Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees for The Wake Up Mission Show, topics include: don’t tune out from Anarchism! USA the ground zero of propaganda only rivaled by North Korea, more Mexicans leave the US than move there nowadays, when the state is evil a failed state is a great thing, the police in Mexico do not enter private property, the permanent traveler lifestyle, the Shemitah this September, economic collapse, financial self protection, Bitcoin is an evolution and revolution in money and banking, hard assets, Goldman Sachs starting to buy gold and silver, store your metals away from banks, the minimum wage is communist as is central banking, a global awakening as to the true nature of capitalism, the Mises Institute, expatriation, Nicaragua, Chile, Columbia, Cambodia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Chinese economy, capital controls, entrepreneurship, student loan debt, college is a high risk endeavor, Donald Trump could be worse than Obama!

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