End the Fewer Than 50

End the Fewer Than 50 by Rory, The Daily Coin

TDC Note – This was originally published in June 2015. After checking the link for the petition to ensure it is still active, and it is, I would like to encourage everyone to please consider signing the petition.


Pedro Magoo left a comment on a recent Shadow of Truth Market Update regarding a petition to end the Bank for International Settlement (BIS). For those that not familiar with the BIS I would encourage you to begin your research with an article that I wrote a couple of months ago.

The BIS is the main central bank for the Western world. One of the functions, as was pointed out in my article, is to create policy on a global scale for central banks around the world. These meetings are held in secret monthly and bi-monthly. These meetings are attended by fewer than 50 people. Translation: fewer than 50 people determine the economic and financial fate for several hundred million people if not several billion people. What are the odds these meetings determine how to improve life on this planet and more specifically in the countries where these central banks operate? I dare say with their track of enslaving humanity through monetary policies, rigging markets and creating bubble economies these monthly and bi-monthly meetings are not for the benefit of humanity.

I would like to encourage all that visit The Daily Coin to consider researching the depths of evil the BIS reaches and then review the petition. I believe you have no choice but to sign the petition. If you would please pass around either this article or the link to the petition it would be greatly appreciated. We need to encourage as many people as possible to help put an end to this global menace. The “Fewer than 50” have ruled our lives entirely too long. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/repeal-the-bank-for-international-settlements-immunity-act-2007.html

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