Jeff Nielson: The Imploding Ponzi and Depleted Silver

by Rory, The Daily Coin I sat down with Jeff Nielson, from Bullion Bulls Canada and Jeff also writes for Sprott Money News, to get a quick update on the market from his perspective. With this unfolding and ever growing ponzi scheme it seems like we are on the edge of implosion or the eve of destruction; pick your poison. The Canadian crime family, led by Stephen Harper, Prime Minister and his number one monetary heroin pusher, Mark Carney began their reign of terror in the 2000’s. I was reading Jeff’s latest article, Canada’s NEW Loonie Assassin, where Jeff details how this branch of the global crime family brought Canada in line with the rest of the world. Namely by devaluing the Canadian dollar to the tune of 30% in 18 months!! You read that properly, 30% in 18 months or said another way, close to 2% inflation EVERY MONTH for a year and half! If you bought a new dishwasher in 2005 for $500 Canadian dollars, the same dishwasher, same features, same everything, would have cost you $650 in mid 2007! Nothing changed, except the criminals at the top went on a major crime spree to fall in line with the other criminal banking cabal members around the world. One of Jeff’s “things” is looking at time lines and forecasting how he believes, based on research and analysis, situations will work out. According to his research everything should have fallen off a cliff and imploded in 2010! Moving forward will it implode in 2016? One of the larger patterns that has developed is how the economy and financial markets react to U.S. Presidential cycles. Not unlike a great many other people, Jeff see’s the 2016 Presidential cycle as an opportune time line for something to fall apart. The size of the contraction and exact date no one can know, but it would make great cover to keep the masses in the dark about is actually happening to our economy and financial systems. Pretty neat tick if you ask me. Makes perfect sense as well. Be on the look out, as many people have been saying, fall of 2015 through spring 2016, for something ugly to surface and arrive at your doorstep–wanted or unwanted it’s yours. The tiny nation state of Cyprus was financially raided a few years ago and was made the example/model of how the criminals plan on stealing the remaining wealth left on the table. (if you have money in a 401k, bank, CD, IRA or the like this is the equivalent of being on the table–visible by all the real criminals) The banking cabal created a bank holiday, shut down the entire banking network, gave the people very little access to their own funds and kept threatening various amounts of theft from the peoples savings. When the banks resumed operations, almost ten business days later, the people of Cyprus found they had relieved of 40% of the funds they had in the bank. The banking cabal simply stole their savings. What I found interesting was Jeff describing how the criminals would take the system down at the same time. All of the major currencies, around the world, are being devalued at the same time as to provide themselves with better cover for the theft, and what is going to happen is all the currencies, according to Mr. Nielson, are going to implode simultaneously. How would the criminals be able to pull this off? Cashless society. Push everyone out of cash and into digits on a screen and you have total control, on a global scale, of all currencies. The flip of a switch and everything changes. What’s left? Gold and silver. We turn our attention to the fact that gold and silver are being depleted from the markets, all markets around the world. Jeff wanted to focus on silver as these two markets are so vastly different it makes it difficult to discuss the two at the same time. Silver is being depleted, consumed, through a variety of applications. Medicine, electronics and solar are probably the three largest uses of silver. Silver, the second most used commodity on the planet–second only to crude oil, which should give you an idea of how widely silver is used to make “things”. This is to say nothing of silver jewelry and the investment side of silver which is where our interest lies. It’s great conversation with a few light hearted laughs along the way. Click play, kick back and hopefully, you will learn a little something. The audio only version is available unedited, without ads, for download or stream at or search itunes for Silverfarm. I provide this service to try to spread this valuable information.

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