The Gods Of Money: Wall Street & The Death Of The American Century

from The News Doctors Unbought historian F. William Engdahl visits the radio program for the first time and strong>Brooke MacDonald of Cornerstone Capital returns for an update and Michael Oliver weighs in on the markets.

Most intellectuals are owned by the CFR or related elitist think tanks that richly reward scholars in exchange for propaganda used to brainwash the masses Bernaysian style. Bernays’ idea was that to have an orderly democracy, people must all be programmed to think alike.

Engdahl is one Ivy Leaguer who escaped the satanic clutches of the small ruling elite. Much like G. Edward Griffin, William provides evidence of how the elite have succeeded in destroying peace, prosperity and meritorious-based middle class success into a war mongering parasitic empire and in the process turning the world backward toward a new dark age.

At the heart of this decline is dishonest money that enables the elite to clandestinely redistribute wealth from those who produce it to incestuous corporate and government partners.

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F. William Engdahl

F. William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst, strategic risk consultant, author, professor and lecturer. After earning a degree in politics from Princeton University and graduate study in comparative economics at Stockholm University, he worked as an economist and investigative freelance journalist in New York and Europe. He has been researching and writing about the world political scene for more than thirty years. His various books on geopolitics have been translated into 14 foreign languages from Chinese to French, from German to Japanese. His most recent works trace the strategies and events that led to the rise of the US as an international superpower after 1945, a new kind of Empire not based upon sole military occupation of land, but control of vital resources (finance, the basic food chain, energy, in particular oil) as the basis for what would become the greatest concentration of power in history, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

H. Brooke Macdonald

H. Brooke Macdonald, Director, Pres. and CEO of Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc., is an executive specializing in contract negotiations, direct foreign investment and joint ventures in Latin America, and has been a Cornerstone Director since 2009. He graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, in 1982 with an L.L.B., was admitted to the British Columbia Bar in 1984 and to the New York Bar in 2002. His experience includes time as an associate at the Caracas office of international law firm Baker & McKenzie, and almost nine years as an executive with global mining company Placer Dome Inc. (later acquired by Barrick Gold Corp.), first as their legal counsel for exploration in Latin America and later as President of Placer Dome de Venezuela C.A. More recently, he was Vice President Legal Affairs of Skye Resources Inc., a Vancouver based TSX listed company developing the Fenix nickel laterite project in Guatemala, until its takeover by HudBay Minerals in August 2008.

Yvan Crepeau

Yvan Crepeau, P.Geo., MBA, has been a Vice President Exploration at Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. since June 11, 2013. Mr. Crepeau serves as the President of Cornerstone Ecuador SA (CESA), President of Minera Cornerstone Chile Limitada and served as President of La Plata Minerales SA (LPSA), wholly owned subsidiaries at Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. Mr. Crepeau served as CESA’s Country Manager at Quito, Ecuador for the last 15 months. Mr. Crepeau is a Geologist with over twenty years of diversified experience in the evaluation and management of exploration projects in North, Central and South America and in Asia. He serves as Director of CESA and LPSA. He holds BSc in Geology from the University of Montreal, Mr. Crepeau holds an MBA from HEC in Montreal, specializing in International Management.

J. Michael Oliver

J. Michael Oliver entered the financial services industry in 1975 on the Futures side, joining E.F. Hutton’s International Commodity Division, NYC. He studied under David Johnson, head of Hutton’s Commodity Division and Chairman of the COMEX.

In the 1980’s Oliver began to develop his own momentum-based method of technical analysis. In 1987 Oliver, along with his futures client accounts (Oliver had trading POA) technically anticipated and captured the Crash. Oliver began to realize that his emergent momentum-structural-based tools should be further developed into a full analytic methodology.

In 1992 he was asked by the Financial VP and head of Wachovia Bank’s Trust Department to provide soft dollar research to Wachovia. Within a year Oliver shifted from brokerage to full-time technical research. MSA has provided its proprietary technical research services to financial and asset management clients continually since 1992.

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