by Rory, The Daily Coin com·mand·er in chief noun a head of state or officer in supreme command of a country’s armed forces. an officer in charge of a major subdivision of a country’s armed forces, or of its forces in a particular area. George W, the idiot, once infamously said, “They hate us for our freedom.” He was idiot when he spoke those words and he still is today. Nobody hates us for our freedom. First and foremost, there are a great many countries that enjoy much more freedom than Americans. We aren’t that great. We used to be totally awesome and we could be again if it weren’t for the criminals on Wall Street working in conjunction with the criminals in Washington DC and the Pentagon. The typical U.S. citizen is rarely exposed to outside countries, outside cultures or have any idea that other countries even exist. The only countries that are discussed on TeeVee are the countries that the Pentagon, in conjunction with the White House, has decided we should bomb or one of the countries we are currently bombing. Remind me why we are bombing people around the world, it seems to have slipped my memory. We can’t afford to fix the schools, rebuild the infrastructure with new long haul rail system or replace the bridges that are ready to collapse, but we have plenty of money to bomb various countries around the world. Could this be the reason “they hate us”? There would be no love for anyone that decided to just simply start dropping bombs on my neighborhood because “they” didn’t approve of something that I was doing or not doing!! Are you kidding me? Remind me again why we are bombing Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan? What are the sanctions against Russia and Iran suppose to accomplish? Do we have a goal in mind other than to anger even more people? war I have never in my life seen as many warmongering, criminals gathered in one place as there is currently in Washington DC. You can’t hardly swing a cat without hitting some idiot that is ready to send YOUR children off to another land to kill and be killed. This is happening while Obama is laughing about who we are bombing and why. I understand the setting, however, Obama is the so-called Commander-in-Chief. Does anyone remember respect? Does anyone remember honor? This comes to us from, that’s right, a Russian newspaper. Why wouldn’t they put out there, front and center?

The US President Barack Obama had a rather dubious reaction to the question of an American program Daily Show host. ‘Whose team are we on the Middle East?’ the host asked during the interview, as the talk was going on the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Such a question was raised, because the US was arming the government forces at first, and then started air and ground operations against the countries. The host tied to learn how reasonable the tactics are. In response to the question the US leader just laughed out. ‘That’s OK,’ he said. Regarding those whom the US provides with weapon, and then bombs, these are the extremist ISIS groups, acting in Syria and Iraq. The so-called ‘moderate opposition’ trained by the US, was fighting for the Islamic State against the Assad regime.

Please remind me, Mr. President, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, why are we bombing people around the world? Is it because the yellow cake lies or weapons of mass destruction lies or chemical spraying of their citizens lies or what lie are you selling this week? And to you, former General, Wesley Clark, do you remember what you swore before God to do? Defend the Constitution? Not defend the government, defend the Constitution. And now you want to stand up and announce that people need to be locked away who are “disloyal”? You, sir, can go…


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