Advanced Preparations for Jade Helm Led FEMA Camp Roundups Are In the Final Stages

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

When your children see this in the coming months, what will you tell them?

When your children see this in the coming months, what will you tell them?

Jade Helm has faded somewhat into the background. However, there are events which are guaranteeing that Jade Helm 15 will catapult prominently back into the news.

I have been receiving emails from listeners and viewers asking me about the latest on Jade Helm and many wanted to know why I was no longer covering the Jade Helm exercise. The following email captures these sentiments.

Dear Dave, 

Why are you no longer covering Jade Helm? Is it over? I have noticed that ____  ____ on his show is no longer covering either. He actually said that he no longer considered Jade Helm to no longer be a big deal. Do you think the same?……..

Thanks for all you do for America, 


trident junctureActually, Brett’s email is only partially correct. Yes, I have slowed down in my coverage on Jade Helm because I have been gathering new evidence that takes Jade Helm to a deeper level. In fact, I recently wrote an article about Trident Juncture which is the international version of Jade Helm which will be used to terrorize southern Europe which will soon be going into an economic collapse. The nations of interest for Trident Juncture are Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. .


Purpose of the Article

This article will present clear and convincing evidence regarding the fact that this administration fully intends on extracting political dissidents and transporting many of them by helicopter to a final holding center, a FEMA camp converted from original use.

Former Prison Converted Into a FEMA Camp

A lady named Kristie has been in contact with me regarding the suspicious activities going on at a closed prison in Lima, Ohio. When she first contacted me, at the beginning of the Jade Helm revelations, she felt that this closed prison was showing signs of life. Here is a dramatic update to her original suspicions which seem to be verified in the following communication and subsequent pictures.


Update on Lima FEMA Camp:

The first attachment is the mapquest picture of The Lima Ohio FEMA camp (old prison)  The next picture is what it looks like today same gate. Remember this is a closed prison. Also they have attached new barbed wire to the fences (5 rows) and the building in the background they were working on the roof so it’s roped off. Interesting !! 


Notice the arrow pointing to the fence in question.

Notice the arrow pointing to the fence in question.


Sparse fencing

Sparse fencing in the original pictures sent to me by Kristie


Notice the extra fencing that has been added on this "closed" prison.

Notice the extra fencing that has been added on this “closed” prison.


lima 4


Restoring a Dilapidated Area into a Helicopter Maintenance and Staging Area

I have received two emails regarding the presence of new facility located at El Mirage Road and Glendale Avenue in Glendale, Arizona. The facility, which clearly is showing business activity, has no identifying signs, no ads, there is nothing that would let you know what is going on at this facility. What kind of a business would ever conduct business in this fashion. Here is an email from Steve, along with photos, which shows a very unique helicopter facility.

Hey Dave,
Check out these interesting photos of a business in Glendale (AZ) (NE corner El Mirage and Glendale Ave) that just started up within the last couple of months. I drive past it sort of regularly and slowly last year what was dilapidated property was transformed into a place where they do something with huey helicopters. Notice the pictures I took below, there are no business signs or advertising as any new business would have however notices on the fencing about security camera and such were everywhere. I watched this place transform and was just curious to see what business was popping up through my travels back and forth.

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