WHY Is Obama RELENTLESSLY Attacking Gun Owners? …Now 4.2 Million Social Security Recipients

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog Seriously, this post is about the question, “Why?”. This man, Obama, has not stopped as he constantly and relentlessly has been (and is) going after the guns of ‘law abiding’ American citizens. Why is this?? For years he has been scouring for, and advantaging any perceived loophole… any way to bend or change interpretations or definitions of existing rules or law, or to use his pen for ‘Executive Order’ — and to seize any and every opportunity to leverage public emotion following any high profile shooting (which involves a ‘criminal’) while blaming ‘the gun’ rather than the criminal. It is quite apparent that he has a personal goal to remove as many firearms from the hands of American citizens that he can. The ‘law abiding’ ones like you and I. No extra efforts appear to be going towards the criminal element who statistically use guns in their crimes… WHY? Why so absolutely insistent? What is the real reason? There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that IF he could he WOULD abolish the 2nd Amendment. But, WHY? Why would he do that? Here’s a little more about his latest attack on your right to own a firearm, this time on a particular group of social security recipients: Obama wants to remove the right from any social security recipient who asks for financial help to manage their affairs. The SSA (under Obama’s direction) is considering a policy to provide the names of social security and disability beneficiaries who have a “representative payee” to the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Once entered into the NICS, a person loses their Second Amendment rights and is prohibited from possessing or owning a firearm. If implemented as reported, this would instantly deny more than four million Americans their Second Amendment rights based on their willingness or ability to manage their finances. So there you have it. He’s at it again. I won’t even bother in this post to list his previous efforts (which seem to occur nearly non-stop). Whether or not he is successful at this particular attempt, I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions about WHY he is relentlessly attacking our right to own and posses firearms, our 2nd Amendment rights… What do you think that HE is thinking? People don’t put in that much effort without a longer term vision or goal… What would this man do if he could take all our guns? I can only wonder what his REAL plan is. Does he really live in Utopia? Or is there a more sinister thing going on? Is he one of those people that think a gun can shoot by itself and therefore frightened out of his wits whenever he might see one? What if all his Secret Service were stripped of their guns? Would that be okay with him? It is puzzling as to his constant attacks and his real intentions. No one keeps on attacking like this, on and on and on, without a really big reason… Right? Or something else? Okay, your turn. What do you think?

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