Impeach Clinton is Up

from Bill Still It’s up. View it for 99 cents at: Briefly, here is the story behind why this, my second documentary, was almost lost entirely. I was a true believer in the threat posed by the Clintons. I grew up in Northern Virginia and so when Vincent Foster turned up dead in Fort Marcy Park on the south bank of the Potomac River, I went after the story. It was clear this was an assassination, carefully set up to look like a suicide. For example, he was left handed, but the so-called suicide gun was found in his right hand. Foster was a lawyer and longtime friend of the Clintons who literally knew where all the bodies were buried. He had recently traveled back and forth to Switzerland many times in the year before his death. Strange deaths have haunted the Clintons since their tenure in the Arkansas governor’s mansion. That, combined with the fact that they have no regard for the truth made them very dangerous at the wheels of power. The Republican National Committee said they would support my documentary on the Clintons once it was completed, but could not fund it. So, off I went raising money plus putting everything I had personally into the project. Upon completion, to my great surprise the RNC refused to distribute the film as promised. When I asked why, they responded that Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had theorized that if Clinton were convicted after his impeachment by the House, then who would be the next president? Al Gore. He would have served out Mr. Clinton’s 2 remaining years, then still stand for re-election for an additional 8 years. It was logical, but the RNC refused to compensate me and my investors for our trouble. All this took time and in the meantime, wall-to-wall media coverage of Clinton’s impending impeachment made the public weary of the subject. By the time I tried to release the film privately, very few were sold. Incidentally, I asked Newt about 4 years ago at McLean Family restaurant in McLean, VA if this story was true, but he denied it. I didn’t believe him. I never recovered financially from the loss of this project. So here’s the deal; the minimum YouTube lets me charge is 99 cents. I’d gladly charge less if I could, but I can’t. But here is what I’ll do; if you purchase the film, you will have access to it FOREVER. However, if you don’t think it was a worthwhile American history lesson that you would like to have access to forever for your children and grandchildren, I will happily refund your money. Yup, a money back guarantee. I think this is important because only a tiny fraction of America understands the vital role impeachment plays in the maintenance of American freedom and without this film, public awareness isn’t going to get any better as time rolls on. I’m still reporting on freedom. Good day.

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