by SGT, SGTReport Harley Schlanger from LaRouchePAC and Helga Zepp-Larouche, Founder and President of The Schiller Institute, join us for an insider’s look at the Bankster domination and enslavement of Greece and Europe. Zepp-Larouche warns that a collapse of the western banking system would cause “a plunge into chaos.” “If Greece would default either in a chaotic way or by Grexit, then all of theses derivatives would go into a negative deleveraging… this is uncharted waters. This could lead to a blowout of the entire transatlantic system.” Ms. LaRouche explains that the only remedy for the out-of-control fascism of the international bankers who have enslaved Greece and much of the Euro-zone, and who have their sights set on the United States, is the immediate re-implementation of Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall is the road back to tying down Wall Street and the international banking elite to the rule of law. Zepp-Larouche also warns that due to the unbridled aggression of Washington and NATO in Ukraine that “Mankind has never been in more mortal danger than right this minute.” Please join us for this in-depth conversation about the very future of humanity and the war against the Banksters.

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