Obama Is Creating A Secret ‘Race Database’ That He Has Massive Plans For

by Norvell Rose, Western Journalism Big Brother with a big plan to impose big changes in America — changes based on race and “reparations” — that’s what the occupant of the White House is now shown to be as he heads toward the conclusion of his presidency. In what could prove to be one of the largest and most far-reaching social engineering and “social justice” programs of his time in office, Barack Obama is quietly overseeing the unprecedented collection of massive amounts of personal data on individual Americans, including where and how people live and work. An article in the New York Post entitled “Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database” reveals that the Obama administration is “prying into our most personal information…for the purpose of ‘racial and economic justice.’”

Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites.

At the heart of this vast data mining and analysis by Obama and company is the program run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that critics fear will provide the justification for federal bureaucrats to manipulate the socio-economic mix of virtually any neighborhood in any part of the country, urban or suburban.

This ominous HUD program is known as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. Critics warn that it could theoretically be used to declare that — based on numbers alone — a community is unfairly segregated simply because of its racial mix, not because of any discrimination that may have occurred or prejudice that might have affected who lives there.

In other words, government could order that subsidized, low-income housing be installed in an upscale community where minority families on the lower end of the economic ladder are not “fairly” represented. Choice would, therefore, be taken away from people who originally bought into such a community, deemed inherently “racist” because of who does, or does not, live there.

An article in the Washington Examiner describes Obama’s data gathering operation and HUD’s new “affirmative action” program as a threat to individual liberty and freedom of association that have naturally led to the creation of communities of likeminded people.

But of course, that has not created an America in which every community has the same percentage as the national average of blacks and whites, Hispanics and Asians, marrieds and singles, gays and straights, Protestants and Catholics and Jews and Muslims. Free choice never shakes out that way. Throughout history, Americans and immigrants have tended to choose to cluster with likeminded people.

As the New York Post article notes: “Federally funded cities deemed overly segregated will be pressured to change their zoning laws to allow construction of more subsidized housing in affluent areas in the suburbs, and relocate inner-city minorities to those predominantly white areas. HUD’s maps, which use dots to show the racial distribution or density in residential areas, will be used to select affordable-housing sites.”

But housing patterns and the racial composition of neighborhood populations are only one part of the Obama database that’s being compiled — only one way in which the information being collected on virtually all citizens could be used to fundamentally re-order American society.

“Such databases have never before existed,” according to the exposé in the New York Post. “Obama is presiding over the largest consolidation of personal data in US history. He is creating a diversity police state where government race cops and civil-rights lawyers will micromanage demographic outcomes in virtually every aspect of society.”

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