Is This How We’ll Live Next?

by Melissa Dykes, Truth Stream Media Dual cell batteries suck. That is how we did live up to now. Is the new Tesla battery how we will live? In Musk’s vision, a relatively small number of these scalable stores will harvest mostly solar energy to power homes, first across the United States, and then across the world. After that it would power the 2 billion vehicles on the planet. The idea is appealing to individuals, who might still find a place to live off grid, or now demand the right with authority (currently most cities require solar users to sell excess power back to the grid, prohibiting excess storage). It appeals to environmentalists looking to end fossil fuels, solve CO2 and achieve “sustainable”. Will it enable the cause of freedom in an age of pervasive technological control systems? What will the world be like after it is in the hands of everyone, like so many iPhones? Can it challenge the establishments of power?

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