#HELMPARTY2015 Censorship Campaign in Full Swing FEMA At Malls & Military At Walmarts

from FreedomFighter2127 The strangest, largest, longest military exercise begins in America today. It is all but quite in fact, there is no media access, and all across California the cell service is down, power outages, and more. Jade Helm 15 begins with a Black Out, just as many thought it would. It is important to note the activities that are taking place by people on the ground because of the potential for a martial law takeover, on the other hand they are testing new technology and such a takeover or “practice of a takeover” would not occur until a later date; that is if their testing is successful. See the video at the bottom of the post [Editors Note – I have posted the video in question below, for your convenience.] The information below is from IntelRevolution.com JADE HELM 15 Transhumanism And The Depopulation Agenda TIED TO THE LGBT Now, as well there are a few alerts from Quayles alert section which many should pay attention to: PLANNED POWER OUTAGES TO BE INITIATED ON CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER IN ‘THE ANT HILL’ AND ‘TEJON RANCH AREA’ On the nights of July 15 – 20 Spec ops will be conducting operations at a major power center in the mountains between California and Nevada -They will supposedly be practicing surveillance techniques, defensive operations, and even sabotage operations of power stations. This will be SPEC -OPS ,conducting operations on land owned by a power company under false pretenses.I say false pretenses because observer knows for a fact that the military leadership has not told the power company that owns the facility that this operation is running in conjunction with a bigger overall national drill.’If they are doing this secretly in this one area that is not shown as Hostile in JH map, what are they doing all over the country’? One source told me when the lights go out intentionally so do we ! MAJOR RED LIST ALERT -DONT BE IN YOUR NORMAL AREAS AND ASSUME YOU ARE ALREADY UNDER OBSERVATION AND HAVE BEEN FOR SOME TIME-THERE WILL BE NO CHANCE ENCOUNTERS !GO BACK AND READ THE GUIDELINES FOR JADE HELM, TELLING LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS NOT TO RESPOND TO 911 CALLS AT NIGHT-IF YOUR POWER,AND PHONE LINES GO OUT-YOU WILL HAVE NO MORE NEED FOR ALERTS-MY PRAYER IS FOR THE LIVING GOD TO INTERVENE IN A SUPERNATURAL AND MIGHTY SHOW OF HIS ANSWER TO THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE AND CONFOUND ALL THEIR PLANS! Alert: http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=1487 AMARILLO TEXAS-Last nite 4a.m., woke by alarms, men with flashlite, blue led, searching, house to house, hiding, acting strange. they came to my house, hid behind a blk suv, threw rock , hit my camera system. I am retired Law Enforcement, current pastor, and law business owner and Outspoken. Last nite 4a, woke by alarms, men with flashlite, blu led, searching, house to house, hiding, acting strange. they came to my house, hid behind a blk suv, threw rock , hit my camera system. several other men a block away in white panel van, prowling, acting strange. two blocks away more men, same activity, this went on for almost 3 hours. it was not police. It caused me great concern. there was also a strange noice on the videos, can’t explain, a humming noise that would peak then go low, be quiet, start up again. could not explain. I had the impression they were doing surveillance or? they would hide, then 20-30 later start shining flashlights. I honestly thought they had come to take my family away, as we have patriot, conservative, outspoken Christian views. God Bless , keep up the good work. Charlie Alert: http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=1488


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