Greek People Take To The Streets To Protest The Austerity Deal – Episode 713

from X22 Report If no deal is reached by Monday Greek banks could go bankrupt. Greece extends market shutdown. IMF loans did not help Greece but made the situation worse. Tspiras proposes the plan the people voted “NO” to. The Greek people take the street on the new proposed austerity deal. Card data show retail spending declining as more malls across the country shutdown. Janet Yellen says everything is awesome as the country spirals into a collapse. Bail-ins are coming very soon as central banks and banks prepare for the collapse. The US Government wants the people to give up their rights and they are pushing to remove encryption so they can spy on everyone. Poroshenko reports terrorism is on the rise in his country. Kiev is receiving lethal weapons from European countries. US pushes the propaganda of Assad using chlorine gas and makes it case to the UN.


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