What’s The Time? Half Past Crazy

by david, ZenGardner Things are grim. The fraudulent system of Central Banking isn’t, as yet, widely understood. I need that understanding to gain a wider perspective. Talking to a friend about this very subject. Suggested it could be explained as follows. Once upon a time there was a king. His kingdom was strong but its wealth – which became his hoard of gold – was being emptied by the cost of constant war. No problem. Tax the peasants. They expect it. They accept that this is the way things are. This is reality. It worked for awhile but the king just waged more war and the peasants starved or died in his wars – fought for plunder and territory. One day a stranger arrived at the court of the king. He sought an audience with the king and because he offered a bag of gold along with the request, the audience was granted. ‘What do you want?’ asked the king. ‘Not much at all.’ replied the stranger. ‘I come to offer you this – I will give you all the gold you need to fight your wars and, in exchange, I want the right to hold that gold in a large vault, a secure place built near to where your palace lies.’ ‘Sounds like a good deal.’ said the king ‘What’s in it for you?’ ‘I also want the right to create a banking system over which I will have complete control.’ ‘What’s a banking system?’ said the king. Time passes and the stranger was as good as his word. He built the vault into which the gold was placed and the king had easy access to as much as he needed which wasn’t quite as much as he wanted but his disquiet settled. The stranger had sons and as they grew, so he taught them well and each went out into the wider world and made similar deals with other kings. It was very beneficial for the stranger and his sons. Privy to the thoughts of many Rulers, they knew of wars before they happened and, by financing both sides, they couldn’t lose. After three hundred years, this Central banking system and the families who started it, controlled the world, all its finance and very few understood what had happened….. or, in fact, that anything had happened at all. There was a moment’s silence after I’d told my tale. ‘Hmm’ says my friend. ‘Good analogy but do you know how many people have an I.Q. below 100? … I don’t think they’ll get it.’


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