On the Heels of Jade Helm, the Planned Russian Invasion of the US Is Revealed

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

russians invade mcdonalds

Since I first published photos of closed strip malls installing guard towers and new malls building the same, I have been inundated with photos and stories of the same occurrence from all across North America and the UK.

From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb. The Twin Peaks Marana mall. The only thing missing is customers.

From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb. The Twin Peaks Marana mall. The only thing missing is customers.

The news on the Marana mall even becomes more ominous as portrayed in the following email.


No developer in his right mind would be building malls today. Retail is dead. Malls are dead. Here is a list of national store closings. http://retailindustry.about.com/od/USRetailStoreClosingInfoFAQs/fl/All-2015-Store-Closings-Stores-Closed-by-US-Retail-Industry-Chains_2.htm

Marana has a population of 34,000. Who would shop there? This is another ruse.

Also, since I’ve driven this route on I-10 often, this is close to the Pinal Airpark Airport and Marana Army Airfield.


Note the Evergreen jets, known for flying aerosol missions. And these interesting facts:


…During the Vietnam War, the airfield was dominated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and used as one of the Agency’s primary facilities for global covert air operations. A number of CIA false “front” aviation companies operated there, including Intermountain Airlines. “Air America” had its roots at Marana.

For what it’s worth, when the excrement hits the fan, the naysayers will be shocked they didn’t smell it coming. And they still won’t be able to connect the dots because of their absolute convictions.

Look at this as setting the stage for a big disastrous finale, whatever it may be, and many things at once, I suspect. And, like the “mall being constructed for all you savvy, voracious shoppers,” it will be scripted to shift blame elsewhere.

This is the part where the movie has begun to go live. Our reality is about to be blindsided.



Julie is correct as Marana became the headquarters of all Central Intelligence Agency air operations during the Vietnam War years, when it was the primary facility of Intermountain Airlines, a wholly owned CIA “front” company which was used to supply covert operations in Southeast Asia & elsewhere.

The “elsewhere” was the use of Intermountain Air,  Fulton Skyhook and Marana served as the principal continental United States maintenance base for Southeast Asia CIA operations including Air America and Continental Air Services. You remember Air America don’t you? Iran Contra? CIA drug dealing? Illegal arms shipments in violation of the law? Because of the geographic location, it is pretty clear that the CIA has its dirty little hands all over this operation in Marana.

There is no question, that malls, sports stadiums and sports arenas can be converted to a FEMA camp within 72 hours. But what happens when martial law is complete and the population is subjugated and disarmed? What lies beyond Jade Helm? What lies beyond Jade Helm is a Russian/Chinese invasion of the United States. The chess pieces have already been put into place and are just awaiting the correct moment. In fact, the reports of Russians on American soil have persisted and even increased over the past three years.


Hello Mr. Hodges,

   I would like to first say that I am a new listener/regular to your site ( within the last couple months). 
I am glad that I have found a source for like minded individuals. I wanted to raise some questions regarding Jade helm 15, I am located in Albuquerque, NM. I have not seen many comments on NM and its relation to Jade Helm.  I have a few things to report and I would love to see others around NM chime in. As you may know there is an AFB here in ABQ with that being said here are a few things i have been noticing:
1…..(more reports of troop movements). 
2.  I have been noticing more and more Russian individuals around the shops down town (Albuquerque), gun shops, pawn shops, sporting goods shops. Coincidence?
What is going on? Can anyone else chime in on sightings in NM? I assure you when the time comes they will not be taking me or my loved ones without a fight. Keep up the good work and God Bless.


Dear Dave,

I have been listening to your show for over 8 years since you did local radio in Wickenburg, Arizona and I listened on the Internet. I started listening to you show because I was told that you were covering Russian troops in Gatlinburg, TN. I have also heard you interview Dr. Susan Helman from Gatlinburg, TN where is live too. The Russians are here in my town. I know who Susan is and she is not crazy. The Russians are brought into town by helicopters that land on a local golf course at night. There are at least a hundred that we think have come in this way. As you know, we are a tourist town and the gateway to the nearby Smoky Mtns. 

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