Peacekeeper App Creates New Kind of Emergency Response

by Joshua Cook, Freedom Outpost Who do you turn to in an emergency? Is dialing 9-1-1 our only option? Cody Drummond, CEO of Peacekeeper, doesn’t think it should be. Drummond launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund his new app, Peacekeeper, a peer-to-peer decentralized emergency response system. “The idea behind Peacekeeper is to give people a tool that they can use to actually respond to one another’s emergencies and alerts,” explained Drummond in an exclusive interview with Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook. Here’s how the app works: “You download the app, and on the home screen of the app, you have the ability to send out all kinds of different alerts. Intruder. Medical. Fire. Abduction. We’ll have additional alerts added in the next version. Once you send out an alert, that alert goes out to your designated network and it’s going to be going out to any Peacekeepers within a ten-mile radius of your specific location,” said Drummond. “So we’re really trying to decentralize emergency response. We think that it could be done at a much lower cost, and we think it could work a lot better that way,” he said. And there is a bonus: “We like the idea of having people responding who actually share your values,” he added. Drummond said that there wasn’t a single incident that inspired this idea. “It’s hard to pinpoint one thing. It was a series of things. I really came to realize how unreliable the current emergency response system really is,” he said. He said that in an emergency situation like a robbery, it is very unlikely for the police to even show up in time. “That concerned me. I have a wife. I have children,” he added. “Why are we relying on strangers who may or may not show up when we could be going to our neighbors, our friends, going to people who share our values, and setting up systems that work better.” “I just have a big concern with everybody depending on government for whatever it is. The more we get dependent on government, the less freedom we have,” he said. Drummond said that they just launched the Indiegogo campaign and that Libertarian-minded people have reacted favorably to the idea. “They seem to get it right away. It’s like they’re already looking for it. We are starting to get a pretty good response,” he said. Indiegogo user Nick Grant commented favorably on the campaign: “100% best idea on Indiegogo — especially if you think so-called ‘public servants’ are terrible and are more interested in raising revenues for their political masters than actually serving the people that are forced to pay their salaries.” Visit to learn more or to donate to the group’s campaign.

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