Jade Helm: Field Guide for the Perplexed (Part 2)

by Chris Campbell, LFB.org We ended yesterday’s episode when our anonymous Army insider — who we are calling “BN” — revealed what’s happening at a base in Germany… According to BN, the National Guard, in conjunction with NATO forces, is conducting offshore exercises for civil disturbance, riot control, and “fire phobia training.” “The thing is,” he told us, “this kind of went under the radar, we need to ask why they’re doing that training. That’s civil disturbance training, cut and dry.” We’ll get to our interview with BN in just one moment. This is happening, coincidentally, at the same time Jade Helm is getting ready to kick off… Officially, that is. As we pointed out yesterday, mini-Jade Helms have already been underway in the United States. Some in areas that aren’t listed in the official documents. We’ll link to a short video of one of them in a moment. And then, during his interview, BN will share a video of a separate civil disturbance exercise that took place out in the open last month in Arizona. Sure, military exercises happen all the time. So why is Jade Helm significant? Well, aside from it being the largest-scale military exercise… ever… it’s so confusing that not even those running it seem to know what it is. Special Operations Command claimed, at first, that the chosen states mimic the land of our enemies. And that’s why they were chosen. Then, in another statement, the Army claimed that the exercise is to protect the U.S. from an invasion. Presumably, in light of ISIS hiding in every bush of every community in the U.S. But we digress… Upon the request of a few of your fellow readers, we dug into a couple things circulating in the conspiracy infosphere… And the rumor mill did not disappoint! The first rumor is that there’s an undisclosed cyberwar aspect to Jade Helm, which actually isn’t that hard to imagine. Turns out, this is true… One LinkedIn profile of a woman named Mia Kelly says she’s a cyberplanner for Jade Helm at Innovation and Consulting in Engineering (ICE) in Tunisia. She has experience, it says, in “Electronic Warfare Planning Click here to see her profile. You’ll also notice that the vast majority of her connections are affiliated with the military or her previous employer Northrop Grumman.

Click here to see her profile. You’ll also notice that the vast majority of her connections are affiliated with the military or her previous employer Northrop Grumman.

Mia Kelly LinkedIn

But that’s not the interesting part.

If we scroll down to look at her experience, we can see that Jade Helm began all the way back in Jan. 2014. At least, as far as we know, that’s when they began recruiting for the cyber aspect of the program.

Mia Kelly work experience

LFT “What about the Walmart structures that have been closed down?” one LFT reader, Cheryl D. wrote yesterday.

OK. We’ll bite, Cheryl.

There’s an odd theory circulating around the infosphere that the closures of Walmarts surrounding the Jade Helm areas are somehow connected to the exercises too.

Walmart closings

Five Walmart stores all closed earlier on April 13, reporting “ongoing plumbing issues that will require extensive repairs.”

Yes, all of them. All with the same excuse, the stores abruptly closed their doors and laid off all their employees for six months or more…

Adam Walser on Walmart closings

But get this…

ABC’s Investigative Team reported this shortly after: “The I-Team has learned that none of the five affected stores have sought any plumbing permits for future repairs.”

After looking at the map above, take a look again at the map of the Jade Helm exercises…

Jade Helm excercises

But there’s a dangler… Florida. Why would a Walmart close in Florida too if they are part of some vast Jade Helm conspiracy? Well, once again, the conspiracy theorists don’t disappoint. (No one can say they don’t do their research.)

Jade Helm’s Operation Planner said in one press announcement that Jade Helm is being conducted in Florida after all…

In one press announcement, Tom Mead said this at the 3-minute mark: “We’ve also added Mississippi. And we have a group working out of Florida.”

In fact, Florida has already seen training exercises ahead of the July 15 date.

On March 24-27, you might recall, a drill took place in Broward County, Fl. And though the military took to the streets, most of the residents only learned of the drills the night prior to when they took place.

“The training,” a press release said on the Broward Sheriff’s Office website, “is not open to the public or media due to safety and security concerns. The goal is to prepare participants in realistic, unfamiliar training conditions before they deploy for combat overseas.”

Do not be alarmed, it said, “by the Black Hawk helicopters in the sky.”

Watch the video below:

LFT OK. Now back to the Walmart theory…

The DHS and Walmart, to add to the paranoia, have a history of being creepy bedfellows.

In December 2010, the DHS announced a partnership with Walmart. The press-release said, in true Orwellian fashion, that Walmart would begin playing the DHS’ “If You See Something, Say Something” commercials at the checkout lines of over 200 stores, to start.

“Beginning today,” the DHS press release reads, “more than 230 Walmart stores will play this video at select checkout lanes. In the coming weeks, a total of 588 stores will show the video featuring Secretary Napolitano reminding shoppers to contact local law enforcement to report suspicious activity.”

LFT Whether you think Jade Helm is a huge conspiracy or not, the murkiness of it all, as I said yesterday, has bred this level of suspicion.

The obscurity has forced citizens to come up with their own answers. And now, a good chunk of America honestly believes that the government is getting ready to round up Americans in Walmart concentration camps.

That’s the level of distrust America has with its own government.

And, yes, they are probably connecting dots without lines…

But that’s what happens when a government goes rogue. And believes transparency is beneath it. Even if it believes that what it is doing is benevolent, the people will always resist and turn against shadow governments.

[Walmart, by the way, has reported it’s also planning to close down stores in China and Japan because, simply, the stores aren’t making money. It’s possible they shuttered these stores in the U.S. because they were a drain on the company — especially after workers went on strike and demanded more pay. Walmart runs on razor thin margins and it could’ve been a business decision. We admit, though, the locations are odd. And why they made up the “plumbing issues” thing is beyond us.]

Though I think that most of the conspiracy theories I see are absolutely crazy, I understand why the American people have become so paranoid.

As Senator Ted Cruz pointed out recently to the press: “When the Federal government has not demonstrated itself to be trustworthy in this administration, the natural consequence is that many citizens don’t trust what he is saying.”

I agree… in part.

I would just add that It’s not just one administration that’s untrustworthy these days. It’s the whole flippin’ pyramid.

LFTYesterday, we shared the unclassified Army document explaining some (not all) of the details about Jade Helm.

If you opened it up yesterday, you may’ve noticed the contact information at the bottom.

If you have any questions about Jade Helm, you can contact us at [email protected] and we’ll pass them along to the Jade Helm team. Or you can contact these men yourself…

We encourage you to do both. The more pressure, the better. Mr. Thomas Mead is the Jade Helm Operations Planner. His work # is: 910-396-9831/6316 His cell: 910-391-1137 His e-mail: [email protected] & [email protected] Mr. Richard Kimmich is the Jade Helm Project Lead. His work # is: 910-396-0547/0439 And e-mail: [email protected] Mr. Francisco Oquendo Jr. is the Jade Helm Operations Planner. His work # is: 910-396-9831/6316 His cell # is: 910-916-0821 His e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] And the Public Affairs Officer Office #: 910-432-3383 E-mail: [email protected] Again, send your questions over at [email protected] and we’ll pass them along. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into our interview with BN… CHRIS: Ok. What else is interesting about this particular “fire phobia” exercise in Germany? Is it the only one happening (outside of Jade Helm… unless you know anymore about that…) BN: I’m read up on Jade Helm, yes, I think what’s interesting about this exercise is that the intent of national guard units rotating to that base is to suffice NATO agreements to “NATOise” (kinda like federalization of the police) our ally NATO partners. The majority of the training done there is force on force operations, raids, cordons, check points, not civil unrest training, and never with molotovs. I witnessed one training exercise where regular army soldiers based there were used to act (play the role, often called OPFOR) as demonstrators/angry town people against the occupation of a U.S. army unit in their town. And they had smoke canisters set off near them, and soldiers wearing riot gear and utilizing billie clubs dispersed them. But never with live molotovs, that’s significant. You do the kind of training that they’re doing right now if you want to acclimate the trainees to experiencing live fire and violent civil disturbance. Also, if you notice, they are advancing through the fire, which means the training is also meant to instill the tactics necessary to disperse violent crowds. Fire training CHRIS: OK. Who should we contact about this to ask questions about what’s happening at this specific base? See what’s going on? BN: There’s so much compartmentalization in the military the PAO (public affairs officer) may not even realize the significance of what they just participated in. Trying to contact their unit PAO, may actually reap the most info. Since due to their compartmentalization they may think that answering your questions is simply part of their duty to be transparent and forthcoming about what they already publicly disclosed. CHRIS: Good idea. I’ll start there. BN: We saw something similar to this when the Marines openly published a well-made vid of their civil disturbance training. They doubled-down and owned it. And said it was for possible deployment to scenarios like Baltimore and Ferguson. CHRIS: Is that still online? BN: Yep. Here it is… [BN sent the link. Here’s the video. It was a training exercise conducted on 04/17 in Arizona. A precursor to the “official” beginning of the Jade Helm exercises.] CHRIS: When do the Jade Helm exercises officially begin again? July 15? BN: Yes, but i suspect they started a series of exercises across the country early. Many hundreds of mini Jade Helms operated out of individual units. The way the Army works is we publish training guidances for the year, and it’s the direct units responsibilities to come up with training that meets those directive goals. SOCOM went up and beyond those parameters. In Germany, a National Guard unit may have decided to just incorporate civil disturbance training, with some “realistic” variables. CHRIS: Hmmm… so the civil disturbance trainings are decided at the ground level, or is everyone instructed to focus on it? BN: They are directed from the Pentagon, but how a unit does the training is decided on the ground level. But what has fueled this spree of noticeable drills has been the funding allocations. When I was a in we had to do proverbial rain dances to get tank ammo allocations for training. But these drills have been given unlimited ammo, fuel and troop allocation funds. That’s from the centralized directive. CHRIS: So… what do you, personally, think this means? Big picture. BN: It’s another overt example of the military training to respond to a summer of riots this year and next year. The significance is we must have a debate about the fact that this may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. As the responding forces are training for that very scenario. End state is, we have a chance, may it be a small window, to limit and possibly stop the downward spiral of our nation. The U.S. will be out of our control if people are violently protesting on the streets and are responded to by military soldiers wielding batons and riot shields. I think the interesting part is the small little bits everyone who realizes this narrative is doing right now to share information and thwart this agenda to pit American against American. We are living in some epic times… CHRIS: Yes, we are. Thanks, BN. Epic times, indeed. We’ll be covering Jade Helm in more detail as it inches closer. For now, let’s jump to reader mail… “In the summer of 1957,” one reader, Ron C. writes, “I was with the 101st Airborne, 327th Battle Group stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY. “With little notice we began training for crowd control and related civil disturbance in early August. This included fixed bayonets and inverted V formations on theoretical streets. Of course, we all wondered what this was all about? On a Friday in early September we were put on alert with all personnel called back to base and we then knew from watching the news what this training was all about. “Sunday morning the C-130’s arrived and 1200 of us flew into Little Rock, AK late that afternoon with orders from President Eisenhower to secure the high school, and “ask” the Arkansas National Guard to “please” leave. By the way we took care of the problem, accomplished our mission and the rest is history. Reminds me of Jade Helm in a way. Preparation seems to be beat reaction every time. “Later Eisenhower was heavily criticized for this Federal intervention action even though it was a success. This criticism resulted in different future actions taken at the University of Mississippi, Bowling Green and I believe one other college. You may recall what the results were at those schools? — not good. My experience is if you want something done right ask the Airborne or Special Forces (or Seals) to take care of the problem.” “You asked if anyone lives in these areas,” D.B. writes. “I don’t live there but I have a farm not too far from where they say they are going to be. There is a circle drawn on a Texas map. My farm is outside that circle. It is in Coleman County six miles south of Santa Anna TX. “I have wondered if they would be on my property and how I can find out. If you are able to give me any information, I would appreciate it.” LFT: Your best bet would be too contact the men in charge of the operation. I included their info. above. Thanks for reading. Until tomorrow, Chris Campbell

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