Obama Is Using This ‘Stealth Program’ To Forever Change America, Despite Court Opposition

by Norvell Rose, Western Journalism President Obama is moving forward with a stealth program to weave illegal immigrants into the fabric of American society. As Western Journalism has reported, the president’s effort to defer deportation and grant certain citizenship rights to millions of illegal immigrants through executive orders has been temporarily blocked, with a federal appeals court upholding an injunction against Obama’s executive amnesty. Late last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit backed the ruling of a Texas judge and slapped the administration with a second major legal setback in Obama’s effort to bypass the Congress and protect as many as 5 million illegals from facing deportation. Now, in an exclusive report, Fox News says that not only are illegal immigrant women and children continuing to flood across the country’s southern border in large numbers, but those who’ve been apprehended and ordered to appear in court are simply not complying — they’re thumbing their noses at the law and disappearing in huge numbers into the population. While this isn’t what Obama ultimately wants in terms of amnesty for illegals, it does advance the basic cause of helping those here unlawfully to remain in the country. Critics of the president’s supposed program to prevent this sort of abuse of the system by illegals say the administration’s effort has failed to keep the problem from getting worse; thus, it has succeeded in letting illegal immigrants off the hook and into society. As the Fox News report by William La Jeunesse notes: “‘That strategy is obviously a complete failure because such a high percentage of these people who were not detained have simply melted into the larger illegal population and have no fear of immigration enforcement,’ said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.” So even as the president’s amnesty plan is working its way through the legal system, Obama appears to be working around the courts with an immigration enforcement operation that lets more and more illegal women and children escape the legal process and integrate into the legal population. “…’the Border Patrol was right all along, that these people were coming because they knew they would be allowed to stay, that they were not planning to make some kind of plea for humanitarian status such as asylum,’ said Vaughan.” Regarding the ongoing legal challenge to the president’s executive amnesty orders, Politico reports that the next hearing before the Court of Appeals is scheduled to take place in a few weeks.

The 5th Circuit has announced that a three-judge panel will hear arguments in New Orleans on July 10 on the merits of the current appeal: whether U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen’s preliminary injunction should be upheld or lifted.

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