Silver Squelchers FIFTEEN & Their Interesting Associates: Media & Educational Manipulators

by Charles Savoie, Silver Stealers, via SGTReport This image is from page 6 of the January 2009 bulletin of the English Speaking Union in New York, one of the numerous subsidiary organizations controlled by The Pilgrims Society. “Creating global understanding through English” is their motto and for global understanding, read “world government.” Worcester is the only one in the above group confirmed as a Pilgrims member, though perhaps two of the journalists mentioned may be outer circle members but are more likely members of lower groups. Worcester we’ll profile in an upcoming presentation, his impressive connections and the large castle he owns. Have any of you noticed Newsweek, the Associated Press, the Economist or Time magazine mentioning The Pilgrims Society at all? Note the Society’s interest in Presidential elections. How many Americans know that Presidential contenders occasionally attend Bilderberg? More I assure you than who know The Pilgrims Society maintains a “Presidential Election Panel,” and more than know that Presidents are made “honorary” Pilgrims members. So which group actually controls the President? … So which group actually controls the President?… The senior group, because the leading Bilderberg founder was in The Pilgrims at least 5 years before the B was even founded. David Rockefeller in fact founded both Bilderberg and the Trilaterals and mentions them in his “Memoirs” yet makes no mention of his Pilgrims membership dating at least to 1949. It’s important enough for his father and himself to have joined, but too secret to be stated. Page 557 of the May 1902 Review of Reviews identifies The Pilgrims as “the first organization,” meaning it is assuredly the ranking group. Why is a group which releases participant lists deemed of more concern than one which refuses to release lists? For one,researchers are way more familiar with the B and many haven’t even heard of the older group. Having concluded the B is the top group, pride prevents consideration of information pointing to the older group as the ranking group. I don’t anticipate any group being uncovered which ranks The Pilgrims as all mountains have a point of maximum attitude. Continue Reading>>>

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