by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante

I have been in Europe now for two weeks and have doing my best to maintain the blog but I haven’t had time to properly put down my thoughts on what I have experienced at G7 and Bilderberg  so I’ve been commenting on international stories as I read about them in order to bring our Free Subscribers daily content.

A lot is going in the whole of Europe and the US. Greece says that it needs a bailout or will go bankrupt by the end of the month, with many protestors there hoping they can exit the European Union which is not a part of the plan for Europe, as the European Union is intended to grow over time into a more complete superstate in the Orwellian fashion.

Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visits St Petersburg Friday, where he will meet with president Vladimir Putin. Might Moscow offer Athens a credit line? I think that is highly likely considering how close of allies China and Russia have become. If you look at what China has done in Africa, it invests and lends money. Russia might take this approach with failed western states like Greece. This could, however, upset Russia’s European partners, namely Germany.

In the US, the Federal Reserve chose to keep benchmark short-term interest rates near zero due to the economic crisis.  Fed officials also downgraded their economic forecast for 2015, but remain much more optimistic than TDV.

Being so close to the true axis of evil, where many of the world’s issues are discussed by the most influential, has been sobering. What I am most excited about, and what I will write more about in the coming weeks as I have more time, is the opportunity to see Dan Dicks (Press For Truth) and Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) in action.


In the video below Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks and myself give a rundown of our recent road trip in Germany, Austria and soon Liberland. The discussion leads to important life lessons learned on this trip and how important it is to let go of fear and do what you love and believe in. I highly recommend all TDV subscribers who feel stuck or unfulfilled to watch this and learn from it.  Even our more established subscribers could learn something from these two intrepid journalists.

In this video I shortly discuss (while driving through Europe with my international driver’s license) the many e-mails I receive in which people express their personal consternation not only with their current life, but also with the life they wish they could lead. What Dan, Luke and I have discussed regularly on this trip is how, despite so much uncertainty, our choices to merely do what we want and love has led to many open doors.  As I say in the video, it is as if a light shines on Luke and Dan wherever they go.

“Am I gonna go for my purpose? Am I gonna risk my livelihood, my career, my family, everything just to do this?” Luke says in the video. “The moment you make that decision, the moment you fully believe in it, trust in it, everything fully aligns as it has for us on the trip. “

When I first met Luke and Dan here they didn’t really have a plan, didn’t have much money (or at least the sort of money you’d associate with road trippin’ across Europe), they were hitchhiking for rides and being helped out by the amazing freedom-loving individuals we have met on the way.  A brothel owner, who was protesting high taxes alongside us, even paid for free services from some of his employees (a story on this is incoming).  It is serendipitous how everything has worked out and I am so happy to have been a part of it.  Even Bilderberg has helped out with hotels and mini bars, as we explain in the video.

Seeing how Luke and Dan operate in person has been great. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, the way doors open up for freedom journalists and how people thank them. The moral? Do what you want, and do what you love.

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