Nothing to See Here…Just 30 Blank Pages Masking Saudi Involvement in 9/11

by Jason Simpkins, Outsider Club That Saudi Arabia played a role in the September 11 attacks is indisputable. After all, 15 of the 19 hijackers were themselves Saudi citizens. But that’s not all. According to those who saw it, the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry into the attacks contained a damning 28-page excerpt further implicating the Saudis. “Those 28 pages tell a story that has been completely removed from the 9/11 Report,” U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch told the New Yorker last year. Describing the information as “very disturbing,” Lynch said “the real question is whether it was sanctioned at the royal-family level or beneath that, and whether these leads were followed through.” Former Senator Bob Graham corroborated that statement, saying: “The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11 and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier.” However, that section of the report was removed and permanently sealed by George W. Bush, whose family has, in one way or another, received a total of $1.4 billion from the House of Saud. (It’s also rumored that Saudi Arabia increased oil production to lower U.S. gas prices ahead of the 2004 presidential election.) Given that, and our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, it’s no surprise that George W. Bush would cover for his foreign friends. Still, there’s always the hope that we, as Americans, will one day get the whole story. Unfortunately, today is not that day. You see, this past Friday at 4:16pm (when no one was looking) the CIA declassified a report conducted by its inspector general in 2005. In that report was a section titled “Issues Relating to Saudi Arabia.” It’s 30-pages long, and it comes at the end of the massive 495-page report. But I can’t tell you what it says because pretty much every sing page looks like this… Saudi 911 (If you’d like to take a look yourself here’s the link.) The only visible text takes up less than a full page and reads in part: “Many of the points of this finding relate to the investigative efforts on the Saudi intelligence presence in the United States and of Saudi officials’ contacts with terrorists in the country… [However] The Team lacks access to the full range of investigative materials in FBI possession and is therefore unable to either concur or dissent on those points. In addition, the Team encountered no evidence that the Saudi Government knowingly and willingly supported al-Qa’ida terrorists.” Then one more note: While some counter-terrorist agents “speculated that dissident sympathizers within the government may have aided al-Qa’ida,” and a January 1999 report on Bin Ladin’s finances “suggested that ‘a few Saudi Government officials’ may support Usama Bin Ladin (UBL),” the reporting was “too sparse to determine with any accuracy.” Saudi Text Again, it’d be nice to get all the information here, but I guess that’s too much to ask of a supposedly transparent democracy like the United States. If only Edward Snowden had had access… Get paid, Jason Simpkins

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