Gangs-in-Blue Strike Again

Gangs-in-Blue Strike Again by Rory, The Daily Coin

When I wrote They Don’t Want You to Know – The Counted I detailed the killing of American citizens by American cops. As my friend and colleague, Dave Kranzler, pointed out “to use the word “cop” instead of police officer shows the right amount of disdain for these people.” The current police state in this country is growing more out-of-control, seemingly, on a daily basis. In another example of how these once respected members of our community have become nothing more than gangs-in-blue comes from a pool party attended by teenagers. I would like to say this is a prank, however, as you will see this is a very real situation and it is amazing no one was seriously hurt or shot dead.

The good news is, that people are beginning to awaken to this ongoing, every growing nightmare created by the elitist and the banking class. My tin-foil-hat is not on too tight this morning, it is well documented that the Pentagon has been equipping local cops around the country with military weapons and all manner of war equipment.

The training the gangs-in-blue have been receiving must be a direct reflection of what we are seeing on the streets. As more and more people awaken to the reality of this situation my goal is continually fuel the fire of the awakening process. As the local cops are shown to be nothing more than gangs, equipped with weapons of war, we have an opportunity to remind people of how out-of-control the mainstream media has become. Remember the bold-faced lies from Brian Williams? How many times have you seen on late night talk shows “mockingbird media” skits where they splice together a news story that appears to be “original” but is in fact nothing more than a made-for-tv event that is repeated, in most cases verbatim, around the country? I know you have seen this before. Here is one example:

How is that possible? It is only possible due to the fact that mainstream TV is owned by only six (6) companies–all mainstream TV is owned by six (6) companies!! Think about that for a minute. In praise of the tracking devices that happen to make phone calls, (“Smart phones”) people now have the ability to video tape situations live as they are happening.

In some cases, as CopBlock has shown, you can, not only video tape an event but you can instantaneously upload it to the web via a secure connection. By uploading the event instantaneously the video tape can then be viewed and downloaded to another website thereby, protecting the video from being scrubbed from the web. In a flash an event can be video taped, uploaded and stored on a minimum of three different devices at the exact same moment the event is unfolding.

By utilizing this type of service we, the American populace, can protect ourselves from these maniacs that kill our family pets on a regular basis, flash bomb our children while our child is in a crib and, now, routinely beat and kill people in broad daylight. Who’s the Real Killer? Thank you to everyone who has the courage to video tape these criminals in act of committing violent crimes against the people they are supposedly “protecting and serving”.

This most recent event solidifies these criminals are not interested in protecting and serving the citizens, only their masters, the ruling class and banking elite. Otherwise, the children in the video would not have experienced weapons being drawn against them because the children crashed a pool party.


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