Pentagons Anthrax Issues Grow: Live Anthrax ‘Accidentally’ Sent to 52 Labs in 18 States, 3 Countries

by Rob Richardson, Off Grid Survival

The Department of Defense has admitted that 52 labs in 18 states and three different countries were sent live samples of anthrax over the course of a one-year period, exposing at least 31 military and civilian lab workers. The news raises new concerns over our nation’s ability to handle these deadly pathogens, and calls into questions how prepared we are to deal with real-life pandemic outbreaks.

While the Department of Defense claims the samples were not sent as the result of a deliberate action, they still have yet to discover how the live sample ended up being sent to so many laboratories, bypassing all safety protocols in the process.

The Pentagon previously said that the anthrax had “accidentally” been sent to 24 laboratories; we now know that number was grossly underestimated and some of the samples even reached the Pentagon.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work said at a briefing on Wednesday:

“The department has regularly shipped inactivate ‒ or ‘killed’ ‒ biological material to other federal and private partner labs for development of biological countermeasures,” Work said.

“So, for example, if we wanted to have a field detector kit that would tell us that anthrax was in the area, what we do is we work with labs and we work with partners who we then provide these killed spores with so that they would then be able to develop a detector that would help our men and women if they encounter such an organism on the battlefield.”

American Hospitals unprepared to contain any Pandemic Outbreak

Emergency Hospital Sign

Taking a look at how this country handled Last year’s Ebola crisis, and judging from the CDC’s own internal numbers – which are probably grossly under-reported – American Hospitals are not ready to contain even a small-scale disease outbreak.

According to the CDC’s own data, over 1.7 million people are infected by healthcare-associated infections every year in the U.S., with somewhere around 99,000 of those people dying from infections they acquired at a hospital. These are known pathogens, yet our hospitals cannot figure out how to keep patients safe from these deadly infections.

One of these pathogens, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), has reached epidemic proportions inside U.S. hospitals, with over 2 million people coming down with this largely hospital acquired infection every year.

CDC Labs have a BIG Problem with containing Disease inside their labs.


As I’ve reported numerous times in the past, the CDC has its own problems with containing deadly pathogens. Last year the agency had three separate reported incidents where they mishandled Anthrax, Avian Flu, and Smallpox – in one case exposing 86 of their workers to Anthrax.

During a Congressional hearing last year, CDC Director Tom Frieden admitted to multiple security breaches and incidents inside CDC laboratories, including improperly storing long forgotten vials of smallpox, shipping deadly pathogens to other labs in Ziploc bags, and multiple unauthorized entries and exits at CDC lab which exposed the labs to the theft of potentially lethal microbes.

In this current case, the Pentagon is saying that the number of labs that had received the shipments will probably grow, as they still have no idea how many samples were sent and how they got through the safety protocols to begin with

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