James Turk – “Inflate or Die, They’re Going to Die Anyway”

from Perpetual Assets Join us for a fantastic conversation with James Turk.Mr Turk gives us a glimpse of his professional financial journey, leading up to his founding of GoldMoney. Mr Turk gives us insight into the repatriation of Gold, the Central Banks role in the current system. He then goes into the BRICS nations and the China strategy on Gold, the IMF, and what the future may hold. The conversation then shifts to the Inflation vs Deflation debate, were we discuss what is likely to occur both short term and long term. Finally Mr Turk gives us his insight into buying strategies for accumilation, answering the question regarding minimizing the pain of navigating the bull & bear markets. Join us for this wonderful 20 minute dialogue with this Industry leader. “Gold is Money, everything else is credit” – JP Morgan

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