ISIS details plan to transport nuke into the US through Mexico

by Rob Richardson, Off Grid Survival

The jihadist group ISIS claims it can transport a nuclear device over the Mexican border. The news comes via the latest Islamic State propaganda magazine – yes, they actually have a magazine—and is something U.S. military officials have been warning about for quite some time.

U.S. Mexico Border

In a piece written and published in ISIS’ Dabiq magazine, the group outlined how they can use existing drug routes to smuggle the bomb in to the U.S., something that has senior intelligence officials very concerned.

In March, Gen. John Kelly, former-commander of U.S. Southern Command (Southcom), warned that Islamic Terrorist organizations were actively recruiting throughout Latin America in an attempt to use trafficking organizations to infiltrate the United States via the Southern border.

“In addition to thousands of Central Americans fleeing poverty and violence, foreign nationals from countries like Somalia, Bangladesh, Lebanon, and Pakistan are using the region’s human smuggling networks to enter the United States,” said Gen. Kelly in written testimony prepared for the Senate panel hearing. “While many are merely seeking economic opportunity or fleeing war, a small subset could potentially be seeking to do us harm.”

“Last year, ISIS adherents posted discussions on social media calling for the infiltration of the U.S. southern border,” he noted. “Thankfully, we have not yet seen evidence of this occurring, but I am deeply concerned that smuggling networks are a vulnerability that terrorists could seek to exploit.”

Last August, law enforcement confirmed that ISIS networks were working out of Juarez, Mexico, after they picked up radio chatter about potential attacks on the U.S. Border.

Islamic State Claims It Can Buy Nukes From Pakistan

All this comes as ISIS claims they are in position to obtain a nuclear bomb within the coming year; something India’s defense minister says will likely come from Pakistan.

At a security conference in Singapore, Rao Inderjit Singh, India’s Minister of State for Defence, said he’s “afraid” that ISIS could soon gain nuclear capabilities.

“With the rise of ISIS in West Asia, one is afraid to an extent that perhaps they might get access to a nuclear weapon from states like Pakistan.”

Are we heading towards yet another war?

President Obama has been pretty adamant about not sending ground troops in to fight ISIS; but last November, he told reporters at a news conference in Brisbane, Australia that if ISIS obtains a nuclear weapon he “would order” the deployment of U.S. ground troops to combat the terror group.

“If we discovered that [ISIS] had gotten possession of a nuclear weapon, and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then, yes,” the president told reporters. “I would order it.”

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