by Bo Polny, Silver Doctors

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We wrote last week May 27, 2015 (LINK to verify)


‘No matter how many paper shorts have been piled onto Gold to suppress it price since 2011, including the latest COT report, no matter if all hope is gone; the true king of the world money system has one more move and it’s coming before summer!  While ‘so called’ analysts continue to call for $1000 Gold since the November 2014 low at $1130, it has never arrived!’


June 2015 is the 7th month of the Gold and Silver Bull Market that began in November 2014 when we did 2 specifically timed interviews; the first with Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Newshour (LINK to verify) and the second with Kerry Lutz of Financial Survival Network  (LINK to verify)In both interviews we stated ‘Gold is making a critical bottom in early November and a new up cycle will then begin’. 


We called that November 2014 bottom and stand by our call for a Gold bull market breakout before summer (June 21, 2015)The breakout point is the $17.50 – $17.75 range for Silver when the SHORTS will be forced to ‘cover’.  Our analysis forecast the November 2014 low and continues to point to a June spike for both Gold and Silver! 


While in Singapore on March 19, 2015 and then a week later in Honk Kong on March 24, 2015, we stated…


  1. Gold & Silver Bull Market Breakouts starting now (end of March 2015) and before summer (June 21, 2015).


STAND STRONG HERE AND NOW!  Our forecast stands unchanged for a final up cycle and a June 2015 spike.



All the best,

Bo Polny

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