Soros’s Plan for Ukraine

by Eric Zuesse, Washington’s Blog Under the category “What Ukraine must deliver” within “the next three months” (which means by now, as this is written) are included: “1. Restore the fighting capacity of Ukraine without violating the Minsk agreement.” … “7. Present an impressive case at a donors’ and investors’ conference in three months time with two months leeway.” (As if that would even be realistic in light of Ukraine’s surviving now only by going ever-more-rapidly ever-deeper into debt to the IMF, EU and U.S., and with bankruptcy plans for Ukraine already being prepared.) Under the category “What the allies must deliver” (in that same timeframe) are: “1. Help restore the fighting capacity of the Ukrainian army without violating the Minsk Agreement.” The rest of this section calls for tons of money from the EU to pay the military contractors and arms-merchants. He underlines the following: “This requires a political decision by Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande, as signatories of the Minsk Agreement, and the expenditure of considerable political capital to overcome legal hurdles and reach unanimity.” He expects Merkel and Hollande to finance the weapons for a third invasion of Donbass by Ukraine, which would actually violate the Minsk agreement that Merkel and Hollande had worked feverishly (and without America’s participation) to achieve. He expects Merkel and Hollande to get in line behind the U.S. The next section “The State of Play,” opens: “1. General Wesley Clark, Polish General Skrzypczak and a few specialists under the auspices of the Atlantic Council will advise President Poroshenko how to restore the fighting capacity of Ukraine without violating the Minsk agreement.” It then discusses the “National Reform Council (NRC)” which was recently formed in Kiev; and he says: “The International Renaissance Foundation which is the Ukrainian branch of the Soros Foundations was the sole financial supporter of the NRC until now and it will be one of the main supporters of the PMO, which is in charge of financing the NRC and implementing various reform projects, from now on.” So, Soros is telling the Ukrainian Government that his tax-exempt foundation will continue to fund them. Furthermore, he tells the Ukrainian Government whom the top three officials at the “PMO” (“Project Maintenance Office”) will be. And, then, yet again, he underlines a passage: “There is a stark contrast between the deteriorating external reality and the continuing progress in internal reforms.” He closes a sub-section on “Institutional reforms” by noting that: “The process has been slowed down by the insistence of the newly elected Rada [parliament] on proper procedures and total transparency.” He wants less “transparency” in the process toward “internal reforms” and “institutional reforms.” It must be “reforms” that are in the direction of less “transparency,” instead of more. That’s how he used the term “reforms”: they must be away from “transparency.” He then discusses the role of “The European Union,” and opens with: “1. Since member states don’t have adequate financial resources, a way has to be found to use the AAA credit of the European Union itself. The search has zeroed in on a well-established financial instrument, the Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) facility. The MFA has an unusual feature: only 9% of the allotted funds are charged to the budget of the European Union; the EU borrows the rest from the market, using its AAA credit. This makes it very popular.” In other words, just as Wall Street had done with Mortgage Backed Securities when George W. Bush was America’s President, investors who trust AAA credit-ratings will be socked with the losses on Ukrainian bonds too late to do anything about their losses. The money will already have been spent, mainly on weapons. His program closes with “A Winning Scenario,” which will be based on a “whatever it takes” commitment from the EU to fund Ukraine’s Government until ultimate victory (“short of getting involved in direct military confrontation with Russia or violating the Minsk agreement”). In other words: the EU and its taxpayers, and the world’s investors who trust the AAA credit-ratings, will fund the way to Ukraine’s victory. His “Winning Scenario” opens by saying, “1. Putin is likely to be impressed by a ‘whatever it takes’ declaration.” And it closes by saying: “4. At the same time, the allies will offer face-saving measures [to Russia] short of accepting the illegal annexation of Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine. “5. Since military re-escalation is liable to run into military resistance from Ukraine and strong domestic opposition in Russia, Putin may well accept the face-saving measures. The tables will be turned and Ukraine would become an attractive investment destination.” (Presumably, this will happen by virtue of Ukraine’s achieving AAA credit-rating.) That’s the end of Soros’s document. It does not describe any — not a single one — of what it has referred to as “Medium-term: The next three to five years.” Nor does it even so much as mention the 2.5-year period between that and what he calls “Short-term: The next three to five months.” It’s only a three-to-five-month plan. If this is to be the business-plan for his Ukrainian Government, it covers only the “Short-term: The next three to five months.” This means it’s already actually almost over. Whatever investors are left from the faked Ukrainian bonds, and the “Institutional reforms” that have less “transparency” than Ukraine’s parliament recommends, those investors are expected to eat the resulting losses. They are to be the Daddy Warbucks of the situation. Because Soros, like his client Barack Obama, insists that Crimea’s being Russian will never be recognized, even though Crimea was part of Russia from 1783 to 1954 and Crimeans were always opposed to the Soviet Government’s transferring it to Ukraine in 1954, Soros’s point numbered 4 just above, where it says “short of accepting the illegal annexation of Crimea,” is asserting, in effect, that the United States will insist upon continuation of Obama’s sanctions against Russia, as being an essentially permanent condition. Soros is saying that one of the reasons Ukraine is being armed by the U.S. is in order to assist Ukraine in ultimately invading Crimea to retake it. But it’s not going to happen. However, the threat of it happening is important to Soros. Continue Reading>>>

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