Silver Squelchers #12 — If The Globalists Had To Abandon All Goals But One, It Would Be To KEEP SMOTHERING SILVER!

by Charles Savoie, SGTReport

British Ambassadors to the United States — Are All Pilgrims Society Members!

Take 32 seconds to hear what should be The Pilgrims theme music!

I wish I could “Vulcan mind meld” the rest of the Silver Squelchers series to you. If you want to know about The Society, you must read the profiles. I can’t put the details into a teacup—it’s an Olympic size swimming pool and we’ll only cover roughly 12% of the members because the rest are presently non-documentable due to this being the only major globalist group REFUSING to release a roster! What is to follow are the most detailed profiles of current members available anywhere, period. And as your information workhorse—you get it for free. Do not post any of these in a pay to read status; there is no such permission; it must be read as widely as possible and free access encourages more readership. Additionally, major portions of the Fair Use doctrine are accommodated in this manner whereas by charging, problems may be encountered. Mostly the reason for no lawsuits in these matters is The Society’s strong desire to maintain its astonishingly low profile, which is a bizarre mismatch with the collective power of its members.”

I intend to forward one installment in this series every Friday AM to cooperating sites. If you find the details lengthy, consider that it may have taken me ten times longer to locate and organize them. No one will work remotely as hard to read these as I have to generate them. Please ask your Congressman to subpoena the current roster of these Worthy Gentlemen. No audit of the Federal Reserve System could possibly be complete without their roster.

This needs to be stated at the start! The Pilgrims Society and the ancestors of those who founded it are THE gold and silver price suppressors and the ones who shoved the whole world off metallic money and forced the world into fake currencies by which the issuers are enriched and everyone downstream is harmed by inflation. Naturally foreign governments including China and Russia would take advantage of the price suppression in its later stages once they became able to do so and accumulate gold. The Pilgrims Society and ancestors of members very demonstrably is documented in Silver Stealers to have drained China of most of the silver it historically earned in trade with Europe and England over a centuries long period of trade over the Silk Road and ocean transport. This silver “recapture” happened first by means of the opium “business” in which these lofty British gentlemen forced Chinese, sometimes at gunpoint, to become opium addicts by the tens of millions, and allowed silver only in payment. Secondly, the Crime of 1873 affected not only the United States, but China also, where it caused millions of deaths! Surprisingly the New York Times, Pilgrims Society owned and controlled, allowed a guest commentary on February 3, 1931, page 24 by John Brisben Walker, who founded Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1899, herewith some of his remarks cited in “The Sun Catches On Fire,” released in January 2007—

“Demonetization of silver by England was originally worked by a few powerful financiers who saw an opportunity to more than double the value of their personal fortunes if silver could be demonetized in England, Germany and the United States. Backed by those who held mortgages on property throughout the world and who saw in demonetization the opportunity to double the value of their loans, the most powerful system of propaganda ever organized was put in operation. It involved the reiteration by propagandists unhesitating in their methods, by the exercise of every conceivable form of political and financial pressure. England’s action was one of combination among A FEW POWERFUL INDIVIDUALS WHO WERE WILLING TO WRECK THE WORLD IF THEY COULD DOUBLE THEIR PRIVATE FORTUNES.

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