Marshall Swing: Today’s Wild PM Upswing & Crash A Reversal to Add Commercial Shorts!

by Marshall Swing, Silver Doctors About 3 weeks ago, I wrote “Since that crash they have built silver back up and I believe they are getting ready to use silver to crash gold again. ” Since that time, price was hoisted much higher then crashed again. But something happened on the way to the forum that may be going unnoticed. Silver has gained more leverage. A simple review of the charts shows the silver gold ratio has tightened a little and today’s upswing in price and the subsequent downward motion shows it tightening a little more! The Commercials are building their short base to move price lower.

Included in this article’s images are the previous COT period’s gold numbers.  In those numbers we see while price moved much higher then crashed to about the original price the Gold Commercial’s now have more than 30,000 shorts at their disposal.

That does not portend well for future metal price, AT ALL.

Today’s (Monday) wild upswing and subsequent crash are a reversal to add Commercial shorts.  Commercials use an upward swing to blast Spec shorts then add more to their shorts at the top then quickly HFT crash price to kill new Speculator longs and the net result is they strengthen their new short position.

The REAL STORY as of last Tuesday’s COT close was that Large Speculators had picked up 7,688 new shorts onto their totals. 

As of today’s latest reversal, they do not have them anymore…

That’s it for the metals, short and sweet to the point, this week.

What going on in the world?

Bird Flu deaths now 42 Million+ and rising fast.  Imagine if that was people!

It will be within a few years:

Much attention has turned to biolabs and it is revealed level 3&4 labs are in all the states probably in a neighborhood near you, and implemented without local political discussion.

The “mark of the beast” will be an implantable chip using the human body’s electricity to power it and using frequency waves to control thought.  Crypto currency will be transacted from these chips.

EMP is the name of the game now and they are taunting it to the rest of the world:

Headline: “Boeing Unveils Amazing, Slightly Terrifying New Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon”

Revelation 13:4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”

Lots of speculation but the reality is no other country has anything like this.

They will pick a country and make an example out of them for everyone to see…

We are 114 days from the start of Daniel’s 70th week.  The best guesses say the global economic crash is 10 days to 2 weeks in front of that!

Have you converted 95% of your paper assets and paper net worth to physical silver and gold and other hard paid for assets?

Still reporting from the Wilderness of Southern Illinois, stay thirsty for physical metal, my friends.

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