Dave Hodges Interviews Doug Hagmann on Jade Helm-This Is a Must Listen!

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

An athlete dreams of winning the championship in the last game that they will ever play and then walking off into the sunset having nothing more to accomplish in their career. When I interview someone like Steve Quayle and John B. Wells and the many other great ambassadors for our movement, that is how I feel after I sign off. On May 31st, I got to experience that feeling as I interviewed Doug Hagmann of the Hagmann and Hagmann report.

Show Topics

Doug and I have extensively researched Jade Helm, the unprecedented “drill” to snatch “Red Listed” political dissidents using Special Operations Forces. Jade Helm also calls for the full implementation of martial law and Jade Helm is also assisted by the 82nd Airborne and an assortment of various Marine units.

The most disturbing topic we discussed was the planned 90% depopulation of the American people, as per the CIA front group, Deagel and the Obama Administration’s America 2050 report in which group is projecting that America’s population will be 66 million by the year 2025.

Through the course of the interview we touched on Obama’s real background through the former FBI special informant, the late Larry Grathwohl’s eyes. We compared notes on how the resident alien at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is purposely leading this nation down several paths of destruction.

Doug shared his thoughts on how some strategies on how to evade capture when the Red List goes live.

Interference From the NSA

Whenever, I do an interview of this magnitude, I always worry about NSA interference. When I did the Kate Dalley interview on Utah’s Fox News Radio, I was taken off of the air two separate times. When I interviewed former Army Special Operations Psyops officer, Scott Bennett, we lost one hour of satellite and live stream servers in an unprecedented take down. The only thing that survived that hour was the “listen by phone option” and our archives for the show. On the May 31st Hagmann interview, my audio was cut as we entered the show for my introduction, and I was flying blind. Fortunately, my broadcast equipment comes equipped with a secondary system that I was able to switch to, otherwise, I would not have been able to interview Doug. The broadcast system and the related equipment returned to normal in our third hour, after the Doug departed. The same exact thing happened in the Scott Bennett interview.

I invite you to listen to one of the most informed men our time in the following two hour interview. You may lose sleep, but you will be informed as to some of the challenges and dangers which lies ahead for the American people.

A special note, on June 1st, tonight as of this writing, I will be appearing on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, to discuss the details of Jade Helm and what I have been able to learn about the concerning evernts at the Midland, TX. Walmart which will never again be opened to the public. Simply click the above hypertext link and you can listen to this upcoming interview from 8pm-11pm (Eastern) by going to Doug’s site and clicking the “listen live” button.

Listen to Hour 1

Listen to Hour 2

Please note that you player must be up to date to listen to the archive link. If you experience trouble, please click here and you can listen via our satellite provider (click here  and scroll to May 31 and locate hours one and two).


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