SoT #30 – Craig Hemke: The U.S. Has Come Off The Rails – Mass Civil Unrest Is Coming

by Shadow of Truth, The Daily Coin In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. – George Orwell (Eric Blair)

They’re at the point now (the central planners) where they are just openly making things up and manipulating data just to game whatever they want to do. It is surreal to watch. – Craig Hemke, Shadow of Truth

When a nation owes another nation a million dollars, the debtor has a problem. When a nation owes another nation $1.2 trillion dollars the creditor nation has a problem. How does the creditor nation, China, handle this fact? What if China began using the interest payments from the debtor nation, the United States, to finance a new global bank, like the BRICS Bank and the AIIB? What if the creditor nation, China, began using the interest payments, roughly $300 billion annually, to build a New Silk Road that solidifies relations with their neighbors, creates commerce for both the neighbor and China and used some of the funds to build up their military? This would create a natural exit strategy for China that allows her to walk away with a clean break from the parasite nation, the United States. No harm, no foul. Isn’t this exactly what we are seeing unfold today? Each of the scenarios described above are in motion and racing towards completion. This is unfolding as the Chinese, along with the Russians, are acquiring all the gold and silver that is being made available on the planet. The Chinese have been encouraging their citizens to acquire gold for several years. If you think for a minute the Chinese are acquiring this gold to make more jewelry you are in for a rude awakening. “He who has the gold makes the rules.” – Anonymous. TDC Note – Download ALL Audio MP3’s for Shadow of Truth interviews at SilverFarm.podbean As Chris Powell explained in a recent interview the Chinese are not acquiring all this wealth in the form of gold for the benefit of the goldbugs. The Chinese are acquiring all the gold they can find to reign in the power. Gold is loyal to everyone and to no one. Gold is money and has been money for approximately 5,000 years. “He who has the gold makes the rules.” – Anonymous Will tomorrow look like today? Will there always be “just-in-time” delivery of groceries, gasoline and every other aspect of current U.S. economy? What if one small piece broke, like an interest payment to the Chinese? What about something a little smaller, like a dirty bomb that explodes at the wrong time in the wrong place, like somewhere in a Chinese province? What effect would this have on the flow of goods from China, the manufacturer of the world, if it were determined the U.S. government was involved with the “dirty-bomb”? Where would you get your “stuff”? What would your world look like? Gold and silver are manipulated markets. They are tiny markets, especially in comparison to something like the Dow Jones or bond market. The impact these tiny markets have on their giant sized brothers is enormous. Why else would the banking cabal devote so much time, resources and manpower to their manipulation. The reason is very simple. Gold and silver are real, tangible money and a representation of real wealth.

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