Shocking Proof Of EXACTLY How Dems Want To Forever Change America

by , Western Journalism

Conservative politicians and pundits, analysts, and authors have long warned that Barack Obama and his liberal cohorts want to grant amnesty to millions of illegals in order to greatly swell the ranks of loyal Democrat voters. The real purpose behind the plan to grant certain rights of citizenship to non-citizens, it’s argued, has far more to do with expanding and consolidating political power than with showing compassion for hardworking families seeking a better life in America.

Here at Western Journalism, we’ve written often about the “hidden agenda” behind the progressives’ insistent push to let many millions of illegals stay in the United States. In a recent opinion piece, L. Todd Wood observed: “Conservatives have known for a long time that all of this executive action, child immigration, and reduced deportations has served an agenda to increase votes for the Democratic party. If they can’t win in the arena of ideas, then give a bunch of illegal immigrants citizenship — and they will vote Democratic for life.”

But now there’s shocking new evidence that a clear majority of Democrat voters are ready to skip beyond a grant of amnesty and give illegal immigrants the right to cast their vote in U.S. elections. Even as Obama’s executive order to defer deportation is stuck in the courts, a significant new survey by a respected polling organization has found that “Fifty-three percent (53%) of Democrats think tax-paying illegal immigrants should have the right to vote.”

Rasmussen Reports conducted a national survey of 952 likely voters in late May, asking them: “Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote if they can prove that they live in this country and pay taxes?”

The question said nothing about amnesty or a waiting period or any other requirement for voting except proof of residence and the payment of taxes. Given only those two stipulations, a majority of Democrats said that the millions of illegals in this country should have the same right to go to the polls and decide who will hold elective office as a legal citizen has.

The Constitution leaves the determination of voters’ qualifications up to the individual states. However, because of judicial rulings that state and local voting practices have been discriminatory, the federal role in elections has increased over time.

Earlier this year, as Katie Pavlich noted in an article for Townhall, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach warned in congressional testimony that illegal voting by non-citizens poses a serious threat to our electoral process. It would seem from this new Rasmussen survey that most Democrats couldn’t care less about that threat. In fact, the majority of the party has apparently moved so far to the left that they would welcome the fundamental and far-reaching transformation to America that illegals given the vote would surely bring.

By the way, that same Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters also found that 21% of Republicans favor giving illegal immigrants the right to vote.

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