War Hot Spots, Obama Immigration Shot Down Again, Soccer Crime Not Banker Crime

by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog There are three hot spots in the world where war could break out. Tensions continue to be high in the Ukraine crisis. The U.S. is continually beefing up supplies and help to Eastern Europe. There are military drills happening on land and in the air with NATO. Likewise, the same type of drills are happening with Russian military. Iraq is a mess with gains being made by ISIS and counter attacks by the Iraqi military and Shia militia. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the Iraqis outnumber ISIS but “lack the will to fight.” Military sources said, this past week, that Iraqi forces were “not driven out” of Ramadi, but they just “drove out” of that town on their own. Now, a new offensive is taking shape to take back Ramadi. President Obama is not planning on sending troops but will train and fly support missions. The support bombing missions are sparse and some say are a joke. We see how well the Obama Administration strategy has worked so far. It’s a disaster. The big future war probability, that isn’t getting much coverage, is China. The South China Sea is supposed to be international waters, but China is now claiming a large chunk of it. That country is building islands, lighthouses and future military bases on them. The Chinese themselves say these Islands are for military purposes. They are building bases with long runways, and this is a way for China to project power. It should worry anyone with a brain. The Chinese claim the US is causing “provocations and instigations.” The Pentagon says it will keep sending ships and surveillance aircraft into the South China Sea. Can a military conflict be far off? Continue Reading>>>

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