The Silver Price is Currently Navigating a Minefield of Hidden Dangers

from The Wealth Watchman Greetings brothers, this week I cover a recent story that talks about a big, surprise development in silver, right here in the U.S. We cover two points about that article, and then discuss: What actions the banks recently took in Comex, paper silver… Whether the downtrend in silver is likely either truly over, or not… Two hidden dangers that could lie directly in front of paper silver in the weeks ahead… How these dangers might affect currency and silver price movements.. Lastly, we ask a question about what this new US development in silver might mean… Just so you know, I’m about to go out and stack some more silver later today for my family, but in the meantime, as the system and the US Dollar get closer their end…it still behooves all of us stacking warriors to stay on our toes, and be ready for whatever desperate actions our enemies may take. Have a great weekend!

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